Every start of the year, a lot of us make the decision to start eating better and losing weight. It will make it easier to reach our goal with the fitness and home must haves at S&R

I have been a Gold member of S&R Membership Shopping for a year now. The annual membership fee costs P700 if you’re a primary member. You can have one extension member per primary membership which costs P400. There is also a Business Membership available for companies which costs P900, and comes with one free extension card.

The advantage of shopping at S&R is their selection of imported goods and many of their items are also cheaper than other supermarkets. They also have promos with huge discounts on some items. The annual membership fee is definitely worth the price. 
Whether you're just starting out or starting again, this fitness gear will help you drastically improve your physique and fitness goals. 
Outdoor bike rides always make for a great workout. S&R offers a wide range of bikes for the whole family. 
Acrylic Masters Salad Bowl- P799.95
Make your salads more enjoyable and avoid a big mess by making your salads in this Crystal Acrylic Salad Bowl with Mixer. The size of the bowl allows you to toss the salad well so that each bite is thoroughly coated with dressing. It also helps distribute all of the ingredients evenly, so you don't end up with a clump of cucumbers at the bottom of your salad. 
Cowhead Lite 1 Liter- P252.50
I love using low fat milk for my breakfast cereals or oatmeal, to blend a smoothie or make a shake. Studies suggest that the antihypertensive effects of calcium from low fat milk and energy metabolism from low fat diary products may help adult weight management. Think of low fat dairy as fat burning food. Significant amounts of protein and calcium from low fat dairy products help build muscle mass. As part of your increased metabolism, muscles continue to burn calories even after you stop exercising for the day.
Juicy, sweet and crispy flesh 4 pc Honey Pears- P20 off/pack
Crispy, sweet and refreshing 6 pc Washington Red Apples- P20 off/pack
Deli Chef Slow Juicer- P5,999.95
So you want to start juicing? To help you start juicing this slow juicer at a low price at S&R.
Chilean Seabass Steak P929.95

Have the pleasure of eating tender, moist Chilean Sea Bass. The natural, rich, butter flavor is sure to amaze and delight you. The large, delicate, moist flakes will seem to melt on your tongue leaving you wishing for another, and yet another bite of this gourmet delight. Served it with Lemon Parsley Butter Sauce and this entree will surely bring you moments of pure joy! More reasons to #LoveSnR.

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  1. Hi Rochelle! Good day! Which branch of S&R is mentioned in the article? I'm very much interested in the juicer. I've yet to see those in any branches I've gone to so far.


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