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Yoga is probably one of the healthiest thing you can do while having fun. Yes, you read that right.  I actually find exercising worthwhile. It produces endorphins which interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. It helps you have a positive and energizing outlook in life. 
In correlation with this, I recently attended a yoga session sponsored by SnowCaps in Sage Restaurant at Makati Shangri-la Hotel. 
It was a funny face yoga wherein facial muscles are toned through specific movements. This encourages the production of collagen, the protein that keeps skin elastic and gives it a plump, youthful feel.  
Upon arrival, we were given a full yoga attire. 
PHOTO CREDIT TO ruthdelacruz.com

Snowcaps was able to snatch former model and Kundalini teacher, Vivien Tan for a yoga demo.  

She started out by sharing three kinds of exercises: 
1. Breathing exercises
2. Kissing exercises 
3. Eye exercises

Talk about a good way to break the ice! It was kind of awkward at first but as soon as you get the hang of it, it becomes relaxing and super fun. 
Through this activity, I realized that it is important to loosen up once in a while. It was a beautiful way to learn that true beauty comes not from how you look on the outside, it comes from joy on the inside. Despite the challenges of the big bad world, you must rise above everything and flash your biggest smile because at the end of the day what matters most is that you are happy and everything else will follow.
This funny face yoga session was such a refreshing experience and I felt really good afterwards. Just like when I take Snow Caps Glutathione. It makes me feel great about myself through to its significant results. I really love this product! 

Snow Caps Glutathione contains vitamin C and alpha liphoic acid which help keep skin healthy and glowing. Glutathione is naturally produced by our liver but factors like aging, sun exposure, stress, heavy exercise, alcohol, cigarettes and pollution reduce our glutathione levels causing the skin to dry and darken.

Snow Caps Glutathione whitening process works in the metabolism of Melanin by reversing the dark melanin pigments into light pigments and reduces melanocytes, which produces melanin. I whole heartedly recommend that you try this and feel the glowing difference.

While true beauty starts from within, Snow Caps Glutathione is another way women can be better versions of themselves by helping them care for their skin. Snow Caps contains L glutathione from Kohjin Lifescience Tokyo Japan and it has 50% more  glutathione content than any other expensive brands.   

Snow Caps gives us our daily dose of glutathione, an antioxidant that promotes radiant looking skin while fighting off toxins and free radicals that are harmful to the skin and body. 

For more information about this product visit them at http://vidanutriscience.com
Call (02) 927-9227
Facebook: @snowskinwhitening

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  1. OMG! I hope you can have a Snow Caps Giveaway because Im a huge fan of Snow Caps buy I cant afford it. I really wanted to have a fairer and whiter skin since I am a morena. I hope you can give me some? Thank you po mam Rochelle. Such a gorgeous woman at your age =)


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