As a mom, I wish I have more than a pair of hands to do everything I need to do on a daily basis. I won’t deny the fact that there have been times, and I mean several instances by that, when I could really use some help. 

 Indeed, with today’s modern technology, we can be very efficient, we can multitask, and finish our tasks with ease. Different mobile applications have surfaced in order to help us with our banking needs, shopping, travel reservations, and whole lot more. They have become part of our lifestyle already. 
I was really excited when I heard that I will be part of the launch of this new app, which is a breakthrough by three entrepreneur friends Emyl, Part and Miguel. It’s amazing how creative brainstorming can actually make knowledge tangible and beneficial. is a product of brilliant minds combined together. And it is proudly Filipino! The event was a success. The guests enjoyed the great coffee by Dolce Latte, and yummy sausages courtesy of Fronen. is the future when it comes to booking household services. You can now get some assistance with carpentry, electrical repairs, renovations, planning for parties, moving, even cleaning and laundry services with just a few taps on your smartphone. Very convenient, right? partnered with accredited suppliers in the industry to help us get things done fast and with high quality. 

  All you need to do when you need DJ’s services is to “book” and “bid”. It works through a bidding system, so what will do is to find the nearest service provider from your location. The lowest bidder will still get a service provider that suits their budget and need. 

You can get more details about this unquestionably helpful Filipino creation by going to on Facebook 

I downloaded the app on my phone the second I had the chance. And I can’t wait to try it!

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