Achieve Your Travel Goals with Traveloka

My bucket list contains a lot of travel goals. To be honest, I use it as a motivation to explore more and work harder. Each time I read about something exciting, may it be a place I've never been to, a food I've never tried, or a crazy activity that I've never heard of, I simply add it to the list. My bucket list is an ever expanding list full of adventures which keeps my life fun and worth living. 

The easiest way to make my travel adventure happen is as simple as following these 5 steps. 

1. Search for a location

Ask yourself first, where do you wish to travel to? 

2. Calculate the budget 
When planning a travel on a budget, the first thing you need to do is actually determine what your budget is. At a minimum, it should include the estimated cost of: 
  • Attraction fees
  • Food and snacks 
  • Souvenirs
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Flights  
3. Work out how you can raise these funds

Save! No matter what your budget-big or small- the key is to start saving. Planning and saving helped us appreciate the trip so much more. 

4. Get recommendations 

Research tours and vacation packages from friends, by reading travel blogs. Get the skinny on who is trustworthy, which tour groups provide a great value, and which ones have awesome offers. 

5. Search for online deals

Look for flights, hotels, transportation, and other deals online. Subscribe to eNewsletters that list travel discounts. And watch for super sales. 

Here's to another cross off the bucket list- Yay! I'm travelling to Thailand on Monday, June 5th. I booked this flight using the Traveloka AppI highly recommend this app if you want to get the best price and the convenient options of booking your next journey with the tap of a finger, anytime and anywhere. 

Why Use the Traveloka App?  


When I booked my flight, it only took me less than 1 minute. It was easier to compare prices, schedules and airlines. You can also arrange the list from the lowest to the highest prices. There is also a My Booking and My Account tabs, where you can register and save your information- so you won't have to re-type it all the time you need to book a flight and hotels. 


Fly to 100,000+ routes served by various domestic & international airlines and stay at 70,000+ hotels worldwide from budget to 5-star hotels.
No hidden charges. No booking fee. What you see is what you pay. 


I was able to use a app-only promo code that saved me more money on booking my flight. 


You don't need a credit card to book flights or hotels. I paid for my flight at 7-Eleven. You can also pay at M.Lhuiller and bank counter in BPI/BDO/Metrobank/Chinabank. 


Show e-ticket or hotel voucher on your Traveloka App when you check-in. You can access it anytime even when you’re not connected to the internet. 

I can easily manage my flight and hotel booking directly on my mobile. 

Achieve your travel goals and download the Traveloka app now on Google Play and the App Store for FREE. 

The best travel deals so you can travel more often, everywhere your heart desires! 

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  1. Thanks for this.. I'll definitely consider Traveloka when we plan our upcoming holiday trip :)


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