Discover Life's #possibilitieswithBOOST

“Do not just add years to your life, add life to your years.”

Absolutely, yes! I may have already forgotten where I first heard this as a birthday greeting. All I know is that this line has been a constant reminder to me on how I should look at life and aging, and everything in between. I believe that having a great outlook in life is one of our main success factors. At times, it becomes the beginning of dreams and plans turning to our reality. Personally, it pushes me to my limits so that I will have the courage and strength to explore and discover the world. Indeed, age must not define what we can or cannot do. I look at it as a vast ocean of opportunities for growth and learning, and a lot of firsts!

If you’re already in your 50’s and you’re not inspired yet by simply reading this, then you have to try BOOST by Nestle Health Science, a nutritional powdered supplement drink formulated to address nutritional needs of aging adults. BOOST believes that it’s not too late to get the most out of life. We hear, read and talk about how millennials are so adventurous, daring and bold when it comes to the experiences they sort of collect. And there’s the “generation gap” we always want to work out. Well, baby boomers and millennials can be very much alike.

“We believe we have the responsibility to provide nutritional therapies that change the way we approach health, and ultimately help create a better quality of life for our consumers. We recognize the increase in ageing consumers who now live longer, and we aim to empower them to take action to manage the age-related changes they experience and help them stay healthy.” -Paul Bruhn, Regional Head of Nestle Health Science AOA

The changes our bodies go through as we age are already a given in the equation of “adulting multiplied by being exciting”. It’s normal. So, instead of stressing about how our lifestyle and dietary habits gradually evolve alongside our physical capabilities and social responsibilities, we can focus on how we can stay active and healthy with BOOST! 
Nestle Health Science takes into consideration what adults 50 and up are lacking in their nutritional chart, and develops oral dietary supplements that can positively impact their nutritive intake. That way, they will have more than enough energy to take charge and do activities they thought they won’t be able to do at their age.

When I attended this event where BOOST brought together famous personalities and their children, I got very enthused. I couldn’t wait to share this great news to my mom! She’s already vigorous and strong at her age, but I will still definitely encourage her to take BOOST to become even more active. Drinking BOOST 1-2 times a day can make a huge difference as we age. Yes, even if you’re below 50 years old, you can certainly incorporate it to your diet. Boost is a healthy choice!

Ambassadors like Zsa Zsa Padilla and Tessa Prieto were there, and they both looked great and strong. To be honest, all of the guests who were present were all very youthful at their 50’s. They were very cool sharing their moving and touching stories with their millennial children.

Life can be a collection of #possibilitieswithBOOST. 

For more information, you may visit Boost’s Facebook Page @NestleBoostPH

You can purchase Boost in Mercury Drug Stores and comes in three variants: Optimum at (800g) Php 1,560 and (400g) Php 797, Energis at (480g) Php 595, and Mobilis at (405g) Php 595. 

If you want it delivered right at your doorstep, you may contact

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