Hello Kitty House Bangkok

The main reason I went to Bangkok is to check out this awesome hotel called Dream Hotel Bangkok which I reviewed on my previous blog (link here) and of course, to visit the Hello Kitty place in town which is Hello Kitty House Bangkok.

Like most Hello Kitty place I’ve been before, this one has nice interiors. They also incorporated Hello Kitty very well in almost every element of the house.

The food presentation here looks similarly from the ones I’ve had in Singapore’s Hello Kitty Orchid Café. I reviewed that on my blog last year so check it out if you want. (link here)

Surprisingly though, the food here is much better than the ones I had in Singapore.

I loved the crisscross fries which was topped with seaweed and melted cheese. It was crunchy and very well-seasoned.
Moving on to the pad thai, although it wasn’t the best pad thai I’ve had, it was still pretty delicious. I mean pad thai is my favorite thai dish so it’s hard for me not to like it. Plus, it was topped with a Hello Kitty head. How can you not love that?

My favorite part of the meal is the fact that my drink was served in this cute tumbler! I paid for it so I got to take it home with me.
It came in different designs. But I only got one because I have to keep my addiction in moderation. ðŸ˜‰

Again, like Hello Kitty Orchid café, this place served cupcakes with Hello Kitty designs. 
I got the strawberry cupcake which was presented so well that I almost didn’t want to eat it. But I’m glad I did because it was glorious. The strawberry jam on the side was off the hook.

They had more kinds of sweet desserts that looked amazing. I didn’t get to try them but just seeing them from the display was already a treat. 

This place had the most souvenir items. They were all so cute too but like the other places, they were a bit expensive.

Final Verdict: I know I’ve been to too many Hello Kitty places already and I will probably keep coming to them because I am a legit fan. And like I’ve said on my previous blogs, you’ll only really get to enjoy this kind of place if you’re a fan like me. Although, the place is nice and the food is decent, remember that part of the price you’re paying for is for their Hello Kitty theme. So, if you’re only out there to eat, I’d suggest to go to a better restaurant. But if you enjoy seeing cute things and all Hello Kitty stuff, then I would recommend you this place! You’ll definitely have fun instagramming everything from the interiors to the furniture, and up to the food because they were all on point.

Hello Kitty House 
Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

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  1. Ang ganda ang sarap siguro dito. 😊❤

  2. Hello Kitty is ❤️! The place looks so cute!😍😍😍

  3. I'm not a collector of any Hello Kitty items, hindi din ako fan pero kapag nakikita ko OMG ang cute cute nila. I can't resist, gusto ko din pumunta jan. Will include in my checklist when I visit Thailand.

  4. Ang ganda ganda ang cute cute ...mukhang super yummy ng foods kaloka nabusog mata ko 😳😍😍😍


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