Dr. Jesus C. Delgado Memorial Hospital First Time Mom Unit

It still feels like Moms’ day every passing day. And you know what? I get this feeling for the whole year round. Motherhood, for me, should be celebrated every moment even in our simplest ways. Why? Because we go through a lot in this journey, both difficult and easy ones, and our job is 24x7. Of course, there are hundreds of other reasons why. I can go on all I want if this is an article about “Reasons Why I Love Being a Mom”. But it’s not, so I’ll stop there. Seriously, being a mother is fulfilling and frightening at the same time. So, preparations are really crucial, especially for first-time moms. 

If you are planning to have a baby sooner or later, you have to be ready – mind, body and soul. Yes, as a couple, financial stability is on top of the considerations. But as a mom-to-be, it is very important to be physically and emotionally healthy. Pregnancy is no joke. When I was carrying my eldest, my emotions were like a roller-coaster. I remember how I couldn’t contain my excitement and anxiety, especially when I started to actually feel him move inside my belly. It’s a life-changing experience mainly because, as soon as I learned I was bearing my first child, I have started to not only think about my own health and overall well-being but also his. And just when I thought I have gotten used to it when I had my second, and mastered the art of childbearing on my third, I was so wrong. Even when you’re already expecting and thinking you’ve got everything mapped out clearly, it just seemed like the first time all over again and again. Although listening to my mom and other moms’ pieces of advice helped me through it, I still wish I could have prepared even better. 

Well, if you’re set and expecting, this is the kind of news you want to see today. Dr. Jesus C. Delgado Memorial Hospital just opened their First Time Mom Unit on Monday, May 29, 2017. This is the very first center in the Philippines built to specifically equip and prepare first-time moms and those who are planning to have another baby through practical and helpful lectures and activities. 
Mommy Bloggers Philippines at the launch of First Time Mom Unit

The event, which was attended by hospital administrators, medical staff, representatives from Mommy Bloggers Philippines and other guests, started by blessing the facility. Then, a simple program followed, where the medical director Dr. Rainerio Abad and Wellness Practitioner/ Functional Medicine Dr. Rolando Balburias who is also the current president and general manager of JDMH, delivered their speeches. We learned a lot from the short lecture given by Dr. Rolando or "Oyie" about Optimal Birth Outcome and how First Time Mom Unit can be a care system for babies and mommies.

First Time Mom Unit of JDMH lectures include:
• Pregnancy and Childbirth Preparation Classes
• Vaccination and Newborn Care Counseling
• Nutrition Counseling and Exercise Classes
• Basic First Aid and CPR Classes
• Breastfeeding Counselling and Play Workshops

Why visit and be a member of the First Time Mom Unit of JDMH?
• Membership for the First Time Mom Unit of JDMH is free
• Learn from the prenatal and postnatal classes for moms, parents of newborns, and other people involved in the care of the baby.
• Members are also guaranteed “VIP Maternity Services” from the hospital. Enjoy additional benefits like discounted rates for some pharmacy items, discounted fees for selected laboratory tests and radiology and ultrasound procedures, and an ambulance service.
• Mommies will get a complimentary photo before and after the delivery, a welcome treat for the new member of the family, and freebies from different sponsors.

First Time Mom Unit of Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital is located at 7 Kamuning Road, Diliman, Quezon City. You may call at 924-4051 or 0908-992-6999 for assistance or go to their website

Our role is important and the responsibility we have for our family is really big. My advice? Have fun! From day one of your pregnancy to D-day to parenting, treasure it. As I have mentioned, motherhood should be celebrated. More than the sacrifices, embrace your strength and the joy we bring to this world through our precious children.

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