Let Love Flow With Babyflo®

Being a mom is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs I've been blessed to have in my lifetime. There are some awesome highs — and some lows — that come with being someone's mama, but it's a job I wouldn't trade for anything. A mommy’s position in the family structure is undeniably important. I put up with tantrums, poopy diapers, vomit, carpools, early mornings, sleepless nights, stretch marks and stained clothes. One thing I've learned as a mom is that I'll never, ever be bored. With a toddler and teen running around, my life is a constant adventure. I miss having a baby though... and I pray that someday I will finally be given a baby girl.

It was very refreshing when I attended the 
Babyflo® Campaign Launch.
As soon as I entered the venue, there was this beautiful setup that I can't help but have my picture taken in it. It looks like a baby nursery and a baby shower venue.

There was also a backdrop of Iya, Drew and Baby Primo Arellano. They are known as #TeamA and #FirstFamily brand ambassadors of Babyflo®.

I went around the event venue and saw other products of PHILUSA Corporation. Aside from Babyflo® they are also the makers of Mediplast, RHEA Generics, Apollo Alcohol, Albratross, and Cleene. Most of these products that we are currently using. 

Babyflo® launched its bath products which comes in two variants: Babyflo Oatmeal Bath® and Babyflo Soap-Free Bath®, which are both gentle and safe for baby skin. Babyflo Oatmeal Bath® is for dry and itchy skin, enriched with colloidal oats to seal in moisture. Babyflo Soap-Free Bath® is for all skin types especially super sensitive skin, it’s fragrance and paraben-free.

Beyond providing quality product that’s safe and gentle for baby skin, Babyflo® is also about creating that enjoyable experience between mommy, daddy, and baby.

#LetLoveFlowWithBabyFlo campaign supports and encourages bonding between parents and baby; love that flows in a rewarding cycle of bonding and discovery.

Bath time is one of those bonding activities both the baby and the parents can enjoy. It isn’t just for mommies and babies anymore. Bath time is a shared responsibility and a special bonding activity among mommy, daddy, and baby, especially for millennial families.

The Arellano family in my opinion is the perfect ambassadors for this campaign. During the event, they were just so much fun to watch and listen to. I was laughing throughout the event.
There was this game for guests wherein they had to sing along with the jingle. 
The BabyFlo Bath time song was stuck in my head the whole day. It had some good tunes and it was really catchy. Great job to whoever thought about that. You can really see the message of baby bonding of mother and child through Iya and Baby Primo having a bath time. 

During the event, we also learned about Baby Bonding Philippines, an early intervention attachment-based programme designed to help pregnant women, mothers, father, and carers with their babies and toddlers to get off the best possible start in life, cofounded by Dr. Joy Malinit and Dr. Lyn Malinit as a part of their advocacy work.
I also won the Facebook post raffle and received this gift pack from BabyFlo and a chance to meet and greet the Arellano Family. Baby Primo is so cute! You can really feel the love flowing with this family. 
Thank you so much Babyflo for inviting us! It was really fun and insightful event.

Let love flow with Babyflo®. For more information and updates, visit www.facebook.com/BabyfloPH.

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