Healthy & young looking skin has never been this easy with Luke Facial Masks from Korea

Would you LUKE at these? Another addition to the long list of what I love in Korea. 
Luke Facial Masks
Healthy & young looking skin has never been this easy with Luke Facial Masks from Korea. Using only natural ingredients, each Luke Facial Mask has Cucumber, aloe & chamomile extracts as base ingredients sets the lighter skin tone and anti-oxidant properties of Mugworth extract purifies skin from daily exposure to dirt.

Five Variants as follows:

1.    Luke Collagen Essence Mask
Made up of Hydrolyzed Collagen that penetrates deep into the skin, Luke Collagen Essence Mask uses amino acid peptides to rejuvenate and repair skin cells.

2.    Luke Snail Essence Mask
Derived from South Korean forest Snail is the ingredient Mucin, which has special properties that make skin firm and elastic at the same time. It also locks in moisture on the skin and builds a protective barrier that shields the skin from harmful toxins.

3.    Luke Aloe Essence Mask
Aloe vera contains about 300 different ingredients such as vitamins A, C, D, E, B12, fatty acids, amino acids and calcium, which makes the sensitive skin calm and relax. The combination of essential skin vitamins improves skin smoothness and glow.

4.    Luke Hyaluron Essence Mask
Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in human body that has the stunning capacity to attract and hold vast amounts of moisture. Due to aging and stress, our skin losses its ability to hold moisture that results to discoloration, loss of firmness and rough surfaces. Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to replace the lost moisture that is crucial to rejuvenate skin cell reproduction.

5.    Luke Green Tea Essence Mask
Green Tea is a century old ingredients used to relax the body and mind. Moreover, it contains antioxidants that clear skin pores of harmful dirt and toxins. The herbal properties of green tea also act an anti-inflammatory agent to smoothen tensed nerves in the skin.

Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch
Luke Skin introduces the new eye care products using the hydrogel technology. Unlike normal cotton fibre eye patches, hydrogels retains more than 250% more moisture and last up to 3x more. This ensures a more thorough nourishment from the product to your eyes.

3 Variants:

1. Hydrogel for Eye Wrinkles
Smoothen eye wrinkles and the fine lines in just 1 step thru Luke Hydrogel for Eye Wrinkles with Q10 as the natural anti-oxidant that encourages the skin to rebuild skin cells. It also has natural collagens to help skin from drying out and maintain that youthful glow.

2. Hydrogel for Dark Circle
Caught in an all-nighter at work again? Luke Hydrogel for Dark Circles relieves those tired and dark eyes with its combination of naturally sourced Vitamin A, C & E straight to your skin. This complete vitamin formula energizes the nerves and cells which stimulate continuous blood flow that lightens the skin tone. It also rejuvenates eye nerves, so the eyes will feel refreshed and hydrated after a long day at work.

3. Hydrogel for Eye Puffiness
Calm those swollen skin eye nerves using Luke Hydrogel for Eye Puffiness. The special mix of Pumpkin and Green Tea Extract relieves inflamed cells and make them relax. After, Lotus Leaf and Cucumber Extracts replenishes the lost nutrients in the skin making the skin firmer and more supple.

Luke Skin Care Nose Pore Strips
Luke Nose Pore Strips are easy-to-peel-off individual strip good for weekly use. Each strip carefully removes white heads, dead skin tissues and other impurities, which may not be cleaned by facial cleansers. Luke Nose Strips also absorbs excess sebum and replenishes moisture with witch hazel extract to have the “shrinkage effect” on skin. All Luke products are also paraben free and mostly uses natural ingredients.

There are three variants: 

1.    Charcoal Nose Strip
From Mt Jiri in the southern part of South Korea, pure black carbon functions primarily as the sterilization and relaxation of the skin. Its anti-oxidation qualities also remove harmful substances from the nose.

2.    Mugwort
The miracle plant which has myriads of health benefits include curing digestion and menstrual problems, acts as sexual stimulant and supplement blood circulation. Its high vitamin E content is what most health experts use to nourish skin complexion and bring back youthfulness.

3.    Lemon Tea Tree
The combination of Lemon and Tea Tree has been usued since the 1700’s for its natural antibacterial effects on the skin and hair. It is also a stimulant for growth of collagen in the skin making it lighter and more radiant.  
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Treat yourself and use Luke Facial Masks to keep your skin youthful and radiant. Try one out the next time you mask! 

You can buy Luke products at Landmark Makati and Trinoma, Bora Budgetmart, E Mall, D' Mall, KCC Mall and Shoppermart. 

For more information, you can follow them on their Instagram account, @lukeskinph. 

Facebook: @LUKESkinPH

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