Set your 2018 Goals and #BDJDareToBeYou

Do you make a habit of goal-setting? Or do you just “go with the flow”?

Our goals are what drive us to succeed in life. They are said to be the fuel that keep us going to our destination. When we plan ahead, whether long-term or short-term, we set our goals. I could go on endlessly and talk about the importance of setting our goals in life, but let me give you a brief three-pointer.

1. Goals determine the direction we take. When we have a target, we don’t just randomly act. We become purpose-driven and focused. While we journey through life towards our goals, we don’t get easily distracted and we could set boundaries for ourselves. Our goals keep us stay subconsciously locked in to becoming successful and giving our 100% no matter what.

2. When we have goals, we build our character in the process. We make sure that our efforts are concentrated only to the things that matter. By having this mindset, we do not waste our abilities and potential. Our goals in life provide us with the greatest forms of motivation and inspiration. When we know what we want our endpoint to be, we make it concrete by each action plan and we don’t easily give up. We develop strength in every aspect of our life and we become optimists.

3. We don’t procrastinate, thus giving us a measurement of the progress we make each step of the way. The goals we set are founded on finishing task after task. We don’t do things based off a whim and just leave things behind when you don’t feel like doing them. We care about what we accomplish and we stick to what we’re supposed to do.

I always take planning seriously. As I grow in what I do, juggling a lot of stuff, it made me more conscious of what I do with my life. Am I making the most out of what I have? Am I happy with what I do? Will this route give me more benefits, or is it the other way? Will this give joy to my family? What should I learn from this experience? What value do I get from this?

These questions help me build my “dreamboard” over the years. Being part of the BDJ Community, it empowers me to explore and realize my dreams. Since 2015, I have been actively promoting and participating in BDJ’s activities. My favorite part? The #BDJDreamboard making!

This is the last quarter of the year, and it is the perfect time to evaluate what I have accomplished in my 2017 #BDJDreamboard. Also, this is a great opportunity to prepare for my #DareToBeYou 2018 goals! I’m super happy that I’m wrapping up a very productive and fruitful year. Although Canada was almost in my reach, I had to postpone it this year. And I have three more months to work on my abs. Kapit lang bes!

In 2016, I’m very glad to have almost completed my dreamboard, too – got a new car, moved to another house, travelled with the fambam among many others. We’re still very hopeful in having a baby girl fingers-crossed.

So yeah, I’m so excited to make my #BDJDreamboard for my #2018Goals. 

I encourage you to attend #BDJLaunchWeekend this coming October 21-22 from 10AM to 9PM at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza (East Wing Activity Center). #BDJDareToBeYou and join us, your fellow Bellas, in learning more from #GoalGurus. 

You can also get the BDJ planners, at a special launch price! 

Purchase your BDJ Pass, which includes a planner of your choice (BDJ Smythe, Navi Journal, Everything is Possible or a Focus Journal with Calendar Pad, which you can get to know here ) and an access to the activity center. Each planner included can be customized for free (maximum of 10 letters), except for Focus Journal which will come free with BDJ Calendar Pad.

There are workshops and other activities to enjoy during the fair such as watercolor and calligraphy, dreamcatcher weaving workshop, DIY feather bookmark, and mendhi tattoo.

All net proceeds for the BDJ launch will go to their chosen charity for 2018. 

For more information, check out @bdjbuzz on Instagram, or Belle de Jour Power Planner on Facebook. Or visit

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  1. Wow! Kahit planner lang madam. Hehehe :) Gusto kong umattend.


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