My #GlobeAtHome Prepaid Home WiFi Experience

Let’s face it, internet is becoming one of our basic needs. And as with all the other basic needs, it comes with a price. Luckily, our internet providers have been stepping up their game into making it more affordable. 

There’s a new product from Globe called Prepaid Home Wi-Fi. It is the most affordable 1GB data promo ever.  Starting at just 15 pesos, families can enjoy more data. This promo can easily be added on top of GoSURF50. Customers can register for HomeSURF15 as many times as they want as long as their GoSURF promo is valid.

Heavy data users can also enjoy bigger data allocations like 10GB of data for P349 valid for 10 days, and 15GB of data for P599 valid for 30 days. 

As per Globe at Home SVP, Matha Sazon, “with Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi, more Filipino homes can enjoy fast and reliable internet connection. The new HomeSURF promo, lets customers surf more-from social media to onlinve videos- all at an affordable price.”.

The Globe at Home Wifi is priced at P1999. It is a one-time payment and all you have to do is top up whenever you need internet. 

The installation is fairly easy and very straightforward. The first thing you need to do is plug in the Wi-Fi modem. 

Then you have to access its IP address through your phone or computer and open the Wi-Fi setting. From there you could set up your preferred Wi-Fi name and password. Lastly, you have to top up your account or activate your free 10GB data by clicking SMS in the Wi-Fi settings and sending FREE10GB to 8080.  After those 3 easy steps, you are ready to go and browse the internet. 

The Wi-Fi modem comes with a Globe sim with its number written on its back. You can top up your Wi-Fi just like you would load your Globe prepaid sims. 

Here are the available promos and available services for Globe Prepaid Home Wifi Internet Data:

GoSURF 15/ P15/ 40 MB/ 2 days

GoSURF 50/ P50/ 1 GB/ 3 days

GoSURF 299/ P299/ 1.5 GB/ 30 days
GoSURF 599/ P599/ 4 GB/ 30 days
GoSURF 999/ P999/ 8 GB/ 30 days

You can also manage your data by downloading the Globe Home-fi App on google play. It’s not yet available on the app store but I’m pretty sure it’s coming  in the near future.

The best thing about this product is how easy and convenient it is. You won’t have to process an application just to get your hands on it. And you won’t have to worry about monthly bills! You can just get internet when you need it! 

The router is also very compact and well designed. I can bring and use  it anywhere as long as there is an available power outlet. 

The internet speed depends on your location. I had a great success in getting a decent download speed of 26mbps when I tried it in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan. 

To learn more about HomeSURF and the Globe At Home app, visit the website at, call the Globe hotline at 730-1010, or visit any Globe Store.

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