Uber's #KayoRinPo Campaign: Appreciate and Be Inspired

Have you had a very rough day and just a simple smile brighten up your spirit?

I know most, if not all of us, would answer a big “Yes”. And, perhaps some would plead guilty for not showing appreciation. A simple “Thank you”, a tap on the shoulder, or returning that genuine smile will suffice. Sometimes we’re so focused in our own stories and undertakings that we forget to look around and realize that we are not alone, and that we have one another to uplift and inspire.

When I saw Uber’s new video for the first time, my heart melted and it opened my eyes to realities we sometimes take for granted. It was very touching. If you haven’t seen the video yet, I suggest that you watch it.

This fresh and benevolent campaign features three amazing Uber drivers who have also become inspirations to their riders. Uber fosters community spirit in this light. More than just booking a ride to get to where you need to be, Uber aims to provide remarkable service and the human experience in the midst of all our daily struggles on or off the road.

In social media, I have come across several posts about riders sharing their Uber stories. It’s great to know how our drivers become really good Samaritans when the situation calls for it. Even if what they do is no longer part of their job, they still do it out of kindness and willingness to help. Have you ever wondered about the story behind these heroes?

We have thousands of Uber drivers working so hard in the streets, and it’s overwhelming to find inspiration in each one of them. Just like in the video, Marissa Fuster would brave the road every day to provide for her three children after getting her life back from an abusive husband. Her story of standing up for her rights strikes women all the time. She would receive tips and one of her passengers even texted her after her trip, saying that she reminded her of her mother. These simple things warm her heart and encourage her to provide the best service in every ride.

We don’t often meet a driver who’s a woman. Angelina Gina Go, a kidney-transplant patient, takes it as opportunity to start a meaningful conversation with the riders. She loves interacting with people to help her cope with her situation. She decided to drive for Uber to provide for her medication, and to be able to work in flexible hours at the same time. That way, she can rest when she needed to. Her passengers admire her perseverance and strength.

Sometimes, we ignore their being accommodating only because we don’t feel like interacting after a busy and tiring day. Alvin Abella’s story will surely change your perspective in your day to day challenges. He used to be an OFW, but he decided to head back home to his family and finish what he started in college. Being an Uber driver allows him to go to school during the day and work at night. Riders would see him while still wearing his uniform and they praise him for his determination and diligence. And it means a lot too him whenever he gets compliments.

So, the next time you ride Uber, and the driver starts talking to you or asks if you want some water or the AC adjusted, take a minute to appreciate them. Get them to tell their stories to you. Then, share their stories to inspire others, too. When you arrive at your destination safely and they say “Ingat po!”, you say #KayoRinPo. Believe me, it will go a long way.

Watch the video here: 

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  1. sa experience ko sa Uber, lahat sila mga friendly at magalang talaga, yung iba kinukwento po kung bakit sila nag uuber at minsan pati love life hehhehe


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