Exciting Wyeth Promil Gold Four Bundles that you can get on Shopee

We all want what is best for our child, for them to have faster brain power, for our child to think fast, and be an AlphaKid!  

Giving them Wyeth Promil Gold Four for kids ages 3+ as a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will help them promote brain growth and development. 

PROMIL GOLD FOUR contains the NUTRILEARN SYSTEM - a scientific blend of quality nutrients:  

  • ALPHA-LIPIDS is a  unique ingredient scientifically shown to help speed-up brain connections by up to 100x faster through myelination- a critical process where brain connections are insulated so that messages are transmitted faster and more efficiently. 
  • DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid essential for brain development. 
  • CHOLINE to help support brain development. 
  • LUTEIN  an antioxidant.
  • OLIGOFRUCTOSE  contains VITAMIN C and is a source of VITAMINS A, D and E, ZINC and SELENIUM to support immunity.

Get up to 35% savings and exciting bundles for your Alpha kid at Shopee!

For more information, visit Promil Official Shop on Shopee and check out the exciting different bundles that are available! Download Shopee app on the App Store or Get it on Google Play.

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