Personalized Baby Bibs from Bibs Manila

I love personalized things. I love buying everything that I can have our names printed on it. From the baby plant pots, to accessories and clothes, I never miss asking the question "Do you have a customized products which can print her name?"

It makes me feel kilig when an online store offers the service. I'd like to print Eliana Reese Emiko's name as much as everywhere in our home. I love her so much that I express my love for her, through this way. That's why I'm delighted to introduce to you a new product that I've been hoarding for awhile now. Say hello to personalized cute bibs by Bibs Manila!

They offer so many cute designs and all can be personalized too! Color ranges are so wide and the hues are very vibrant. 

Perfect for toddlers who are very curious of what they see, and would always turn their eyes on striking colors. Bibs Manila offer personalized, customized bibs which are perfect for our babies, and can even be used as a gift for parties, and baby showers as giveaways. You can even draft your own design and have them conceptualized in their bibs for your baby!

The quality of the bibs are so tender and soft and you'll never have to worry about your baby getting irritated from using them. It is also light, so an added factor that Eliana wouldn't even be able to notice that she has one on her neck. 

I ordered so many cute designs from them and they give a free cute box for every 7 bibs ordered. 

I ordered the unicorn, floral, mermaid, travel designs and the milktea series! Things that I love and are so cute and quirky that I'm sure it will catch Eliana's attention.

Check out Eliana Reese Emiko's Bibs Manila Collections: 

It's really so good to see products out in the market that offer personalized products! That's why I love Bibs Manila! They really cater to requests of their clients. For me, that's the best type of customer service, when you extend at most to satisfy your clients! Good job Bibs Manila! Continue making a mark in the industry and good things will surely follow on your way!

I will surely order some more. You can order yours at for only Php175 each. 

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