Sau Tao- Best healthy Instant Noodle you can find in Shopee!

I'm gearing up for the rainy days by trying out different noodle recipes and soup meals that I could introduce to my children. What a relief it has brought to me when a friend of mine told me about this one new product that really captivated my liking when I tried it out. It's new in the Philippine market but has been relatively known mostly in Asian countries.

Sau Tao Instant Noodles is now available in the Philippines for us Filipinos to enjoy! Originally from Hongkong, it's a pack which has all the necessary flavors and ingredients that would make a perfect rainy day, just right. We all know how flavorful Asian foods are, so imagine all the taste we're served with Sau Tao Noodle packs. Partner with our favorite shopping app, Shopee; we can all have a glimpse of the perfect noodle taste with Sau Tao products. 

I love that it also comes in different varities so my whole family could choose from spicy to moderate, or even just the plain one. Their noodles are non-fried which is kinda new for our instant noodle taste. They also have SauTao XO Sauce which makes all dishes, flavorful and aromatic. I'm excited to add this to almost all the meals that I'm making so my kids can really enjoy thr authentic asian taste. 

Here are their products you can check on Shopee:

● SAUTAO XO Sauce (Extra Hot) 220g

● Sau Tao Non-Fried Instant Bowl Noodle with XO Tantan Soup 100g

● Sau Tao Non-Fried Instant Bowl Noodle with XO Shallot Sauce 100g

● Sau Tao Non-Fried Instant Bowl Noodle with XO Black Pepper Sauce 100g

● Sau Tao Non-Fried Instant Bowl Noodle with XO Sauce 100g

If you still don't have the Shopee App, I'd like to reiterate that you're missing out so much. With big discounts, promos, and offers, Shopee is the best shopping-app-must-have around this time. Check out Sau Tao products when you open the ShopeeMall and enjoy the free delivery and promos from time to time.

Be oriental and enjoy the savory taste of Sau Tao instant noodles! Add to cart and have them delivered right through your doorstep in COD or using your debit or credit card! Convenience and pleasure rolled into one app with Shopee, featuring Sau Tao products! Try them out now!

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  1. Wow naman! di ko to na try hehe pero for sure masarap to momshie 😍😍


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