Healthy Glowing Skin With Garnier Products at Shopee!

Micellar water is now a trend and has been surfacing the skincare regimen these days. Garnier offers micellar waters for various usage ranging from dry skin conditions to oily ones! 

But don't get confused, Garnier's Pink Micellar Water is best for sensitive skin. 

Garnier's Blue Micellar Water on the other hand is best for oily and acne prone skin! 

My personal favorite,  Garnier's Micellar Water with Argan Oil is featured best use on all skin types and all waterproof make up! The Micellar Water cleanses the skin, while Argan Oil softens and hydrates the skin leaving it supple and moisturized. You see, they all vary in use and it would be helpful for you to find out what's best for you.

Garnier also features face masks based from your skin conditions. For dull skin with darkspots, use Bright Up Whitening Serum Face Mask. 

If you have a problem with enlarged pores due to clogging of dirt, invest in using Charcoal Pore Tightening Serum Face Mask. 

If you're a believer of Vitamin C to aid in keeping your face bright and smooth, you can use Lemon Brightening Serum Face Mask. 

The wonders these face masks bring to us are extraordinary. Facial visits doesn't have to be frequent because we now have the benefits of facial shops at the comfort of our own home. So much for Stay at Home protocols, Garnier really knows our needs.

They also have other masks such as: Fresh-Mix Booster Mask Hyaluron Shot for dehydrated skin, 

Fresh-Mix Booster Mask Vitamin C Shot for dull skin, 

Depuffing Eye Mask for puffy eyes, 

and Brightening Eye Mask for your problematic under eye area. 

1 fresh mix mask is equivalent to one bottle of serum. Imagine the effects of that when absorbed by your skin fully. WOW. Truly a great addition to Garnier Line.

But that's not all, best part is Garnier products are all available in Shopee at this link. You can see all their product offers and discounts through the shopee app and enjoy the convenience of shopping online! With Shopee, you just have to add Garnier products to your cart and make sure to score great deals and promos especially with Shopee events! Great discounts and free delivery fee!! Be updated and download the Shopee app now.

So would you still opt for a regular product that you have been using for a long time? Or are you willing to adapt and try new products that are clinically proven to improve your skin condition? Chances are, you are still confused, but I have laid all possible Garnier products for your skin to try so make use of this information to find out what your skin needs. Listen to your skin to find out what Garnier series is best for you.

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  1. Oily type ako kaya will buy Garnier's blue micellar 😍 check ko to sa shopee momshie ubos na skincare ko hehe 💙💙💙

  2. Skin care talaga, ang daming magaganda. Kaso wala sa budget ngayon e,bawi next sale


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