Get your Rouge Signature Baked Nudes from L’Oreal Paris at Shopee!

A woman's secret tool and the one that gives us more power is none other than those essentials that we place in our bags. To some, it's eyeliners and compact powders. But to most POWER women, we can't deny it's Lipstick. Interchanging lip colors through lipstick to match outfits, had always been our thing when going to different occasions. Lip color also matches skin complexion, so for me personally I favor a nude collection. I don't dare go out of my home without them in my bag. It compliments my skin and just gives a final touch to my whole look.

That's why I'm so happy that L'Oreal Paris released this new set of nude collections for us Earth tone lovers. The all new Baked Nude Collections feature 9 earth shades perfect for highlighting and complimenting the Filipina beauty. A perfect pair for all skin colors no matter if you're morena or fair-colored. 

Each swipe guarantees a no lipstick feeling, natural touch. It gives an intense color without the heavy feeling or drying effect of most lipsticks.

Cap off your night and secure that Woman of the Night award with a dedicated lipstick by L'Oreal. Baked Nudes are also easily blended and swiped with not just the lips, but also with the cheeks and eyelids for that whole pumped up look. Mix and match with these shades to find out what's perfect for your outfit. 

Check out L'Oreal page on Shopee and see these brave and alluring shades: Liberate, Conquer, Convince, Enlight, Believe, Hunt, Enchant, Dominate, and Insist. With the name, no doubt they're provocative and smexy! Each of them gives of a matte finish so you don't have to worry about reapplying them everytime. Tested with durability and application test, L'Oreal is really a game changer when it comes to beauty and cosmetics.

Check out their great deals in the Shopee app and enjoy exclusive discounts and promos everytime you order. Score great deals with their BACK TO BEAUTY SALE from July 13-15. If you still don't have the Shopee App yet, you're missing great things. So make sure to check out the Appstore or Playstore and download it now. Let's altogether Add To Cart and enjoy the L'Oreal extravaganza.

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