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My brother has always been there for me, this time I would like to be there for him. Recently, my brother, Rob Kawasaki, has launched his website called Auto Batsu. It’s a website about cars. It’s not your typical car website that features cars and events, this one comes from their experiences. He is working with selected individuals that have the same passion, cars.

The website is focused more on the author and how they feel the car lifestyle should be. A more of, a day in the life of the enthusiasts rather than your usual company based “shoot this for us” car website theme.  Auto Batsu’s vision is to promote pride in building your own car through soulful car build features and interesting lifestyle stories which envelope the common love for cars.

Please visit their website at

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Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle
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  1. I cehecked your brother's website and all I can say is.... really cool and he rocks! My boyfie loves his website (manly thingy :D) and we enjoyed browsing it! Congrats to ur brother!

  2. Wow, toys for the big boys! What a cool blogging family you have, Ms. Rochelle. More power!


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