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Having a baby is precious so we want all the best for them but choosing the best brand or products for your child can be overwhelming.

When it comes to having a child, the one thing that I've learned is that the best baby brands are the brands that are made in a lot of research and I'm talking about brands like Made in Japan because they give so much importance to babies so you can be sure that it will give you the best quality products. 

When I received an invitation to Pigeon event, at first I thought this event is definitely going to be about baby products and my three kids are already in school age (They are always going to be my babies). 

I did not hesitated to confirm my attendance because I know that this brand is something that I believe, use and love. 

This is the brand that I trust for my kids specifically the baby wipes, Anti-Mosquito, Anti-Bacterial and Hand and Mouth Wet Tissues and the liquid cleanser to wash away pesticides from fruits and vegetables and when Elijah and Ethan was still drinking from the bottle we admit on buying different brands and trying each one but Pigeon was the only one that suit our needs! These were the best bottles and nipples I ever bought. They are reasonably priced. They never faded whereas some other bottles did only after a few months. After 3 years the bottles still look new. They are a nice shape making them easier to hold. The nipple was much more "breast-like" than alternatives. They are very durable and they don't leak. I will do another post with detailed review of Pigeon products. 

There are so much more to tell about the brand Pigeon that makes me highly recommend it! 

Following the success of Pigeon's campaign "Baby in my Belly" now Pigeon launched newest campaign-- Happy Cycle, Happy Babies at Kimukatsu, Shangri-La Plaza East Wing last April 12, 2014. 
Kimukatsu is the most famous pork cutlet restaurant in Japan while Pigeon is the No. 1 Baby care brand in Japan, A perfect combination for an enjoyable Japanese experience. 
Pigeon’s system of care products ensures every mother a Happy Cycle of looking after the baby’s health and comfort. “Babies are truly bundles of joy, and Pigeon enhances this beautiful experience through the Happy Cycle,” says Maye Yao Co Say, Chief Operations Officer of Richwell Phils. Inc., the exclusive distributor of Pigeon in the Philippines.

Through Pigeon’s line-up of baby feeding essentials, mothers and babies can now experience what the brand calls the “Happy Cycle.” 

“Taking care of your baby starts when you give him one of his most basic needs: your breast milk,” begins Yao Co Say. And Pigeon, she says, makes this moment a remarkably convenient and comfortable experience through easy-to-use products that are designed to meet the “happiness quotient” of both mom and baby.

Expressing—the act of taking milk from your breast naturally—is the first step to the Pigeon Happy Cycle

“From the moment you breastfeed your baby, Pigeon is already there to support you and make the process more comfortable,” points out Yao Co Say. 

Using Pigeon Silent Electric Breast Pump is better because it is not good to use a breast pump that is high in power and it is significant to use the silent electric breast pump because it keeps the most relax environment. 

Indeed, Pigeon breast pumps and other breastfeeding accessories allow you to extract your milk securely and with ease.
The Happy Cycle then continues with the proper storage of expressed milk. With Pigeon storage bags and containers, you can simply put away and store your milk so your child can still have it later on. That way, no amount of milk from you is wasted, and its nutrients and freshness are kept intact.

 In addition, Pigeon boasts the most complete collection of breast care accessories: breast pads, breast care gel, soft silicone nipple shield, and nipple care cream.

Then, of course, there’s feeding your baby, the third step in the Happy Cycle. “Because it’s a unique experience, a bonding moment between mothers and their newborns, feeding is always an experience I personally cherish,” shares Yao Co Say, herself a mother of 2.
Developed more than 50 years of research and study, Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS Technology enhances every mother and baby’s feeding experience through the PERISTALTIC PLUS NIPPLE that helps your baby avoid nipple confusion, which occurs once your baby starts to shift from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding or vice versa.

Finally, there’s cleansing and sterilizing, the last but equally important step in the Happy Cycle. “Because babies have yet to strengthen their immune systems, they are more prone to disease or discomfort that may be caused by germs and bacteria,” says Yao Co Say.
To boost baby protection, Pigeon liquid cleanser is 100% food grade to ensure maximum safety. Pigeon sterilizers are also convenient, durable, and easy-to-use, syncing well with every parent’s busy and fast-paced lifestyle.

“Moms today definitely have a lot on their plate—they are skilled multi-taskers who juggle different life priorities,” observes Yao Co Say. “But ask many and they will say that motherhood is really the best and most rewarding job of all. Pigeon’s Happy Cycle aims to be their companion throughout this life-changing journey.”

Pigeon Sakura Baby Toiletries 
Enriched with natural cherry blossoms extract. 

The Sakura Flower (Cherry Blossom) is famed for its beauty and visual appeal in Japanese culture. Apart from this, it also brings about a whole host of benefits
Improves overall skin condition
Combats skin roughness
Refreshes, keeping baby comfortable all day
Has anti-inflammatory properties
Proven safe on sensitive skin

According to Pigeon, the Sakura toiletries do not contain paraben, sulphate or colouring agents.
Pigeon Baby Shampoo 
(Tear free, make hair soft and shiny, baby smell for a long time after.)
Pigeon Baby Wash 2in1
( Effectively cleanses and moisturizes your baby's delicate skin and scalp. Shampoo and liquid soap in one. ) 
Pigeon Baby Milky Lotion
(It deeply nourishes and moisturizes baby's skin, keeping it soft and supple all day long. I love how it is non-greasy and It was proven to minimize the mosquito bite marks or irritations)
Pigeon Baby Powder 
( A soft and gentle powder that refreshes and cools your baby's skin.  It absorb the excess moisture from baby's skin folds and nappy areas. Keeping baby dry, fresh, prevents body odor and comfortable. Proven safe for baby's sensitive skin. My Mom uses this baby powder and she commented on how she loves it so much! )

I've been to Japan so many times but never had the chance to experience the Cherry Blossoms or Sakura season but if this how it smells, I am so going to Japan next Sakura season to see and smell the beautiful Sakura for myself. Till then, I'm going to be using these Sakura Baby Toiletries to myself so I can smell good like my kids in this hot and humid weather. 
A touch of Japan with the Pigeon Sakura Tree display and ladies in kimono. 
Fellow Mommy group photo in the Pigeon Sakura Tree. A Must See beautiful Pigeon Sakura Tree when you visit Kimukatsu Restaurant  ♥ 
Thank you so much Pigeon and Ritz Vicencio Bernardo of Richwell Phils. Inc.

Have a Happy Cycle with your child with these Pigeon Products:

Silent Electric Breast Pump (BPA-free)
   The Silent Electric Breast Pump uses a silent motor that allows you to express milk without disturbing your sleeping baby.
   The soft, round edges of the Advanced Sealing Air CushionTM provide an airtight seal over the entire areola, allowing for steady expression of milk with only a light suckling sensation.

  The Adjustable Suction Strength Dial with a five-pressure level settings and a Suction Cycle Speed Controller for regulating the speed of suction and customizing the pressure and speed, allowing you to express milk comfortably.

Portable Electric Breast Pump (BPA-free)
   As it is weighs only 200g, you can express milk with ease anytime, anywhere.
   It is portable and easy to operate with just one hand.
  Its Unique Push Lever allows complete control over the adjustable pumping cycle to imitate baby's suckling pattern and encourage milk flow.
   It includes a hassle-free breast milk storage component that you can simply attach to the bottle cap after expressing before storing into refrigerator or freezer.

Manual Breast Pump (BPA-free)
     The Sealing Air Cushion fits your breast perfectly by softly enveloping and gently stimulating it, allowing for comfortable and successful milk expression.
   Pumping can be completely adjustable to imitate baby’s suckling pattern for a faster let-down.
  ♥ Its One Hand System and ergonomically-designed handle makes it easy-to-use.
     ♥ With its independent one-way milk flow path, you never worry about backflow.

Breast milk Storage Bags (BPA-free)
  ♥ This storage bag is already pre-sterilized with gamma ray, and has a convenient pour spout for transferring breast milk without spilling.
   ♥ It includes a waterproof "write-on" tab for mothers to label the bags, plus a unique double zipper seal for extra security. 
   ♥ For ease of use, the storage bags are self-standing and milk can also be thawed easily by storing them flat in the freezer.
 Breast milk Storage Bottles

  ♥ These are designed for longer and safer storage, and convenient for breast milk storage in the refrigerator or freezer.
  ♥ Milk can be expressed directly into these bottles.
  160 ml/240 ml PPSU or Polyphenylsulfone Bottle (BPA-free)

   ♥ It is easy to grip and has a Peristaltic PLUS nipple, the softest and thickest nipple that helps avoid nipple confusion.
   ♥ It has a high degree of heat resistance and is very durable, making it safe to sterilize even through boiling, steaming, or microwaving.

    160 ml/240 ml PP or Polypropylene Bottle (BPA-free) 
  It is easy to grip and has a Peristaltic PLUS nipple, the softest and thickest nipple that helps avoid nipple confusion.

  ♥ It allows for safe sterilization through boiling, steaming, or microwaving.

Electric Steam Sterilizer
  ♥ Using Japanese technology, this product sterilizes bottles in just 6 minutes, killing harmful bacteria effectively.
   ♥ Safety standard-tested, durable in design, and not using chemicals, this sterilizer can accommodate 5 to 6 bottles, and shuts off automatically when done.
  ♥ It’s detachable from the heater for easy cleaning, and includes a large, convenient accessory tray.

Liquid Cleanser
  ♥ This 100% food grade, antibacterial cleanser kills 99.99% of bacteria, but is gentle to the skin.
  ♥ It is safe for cleaning baby bottle nipples and other feeding accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables.

For more information on Pigeon products,
Call 441-1717 or Customer Hotline 990-5437
You may also visit the website at www.pigeon.com

Pigeon baby products in the Philippines are available at leading department stores nationwide. 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I have used pigeon products with my eldest, I love the quality of the products highly recommended talaga. the bodywas smells really nice. The scent stays on my son for like longer hours.


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