My Watch, Listen and Play Experience with All-New Quad Core PLDT Home Telpad with Team Kramer

Last April 3, 2014, I was invited to a fun event and we got to experience the PLDT HOME Telpad, The Only Online Landline, at Vyne W Global Center in Bonifacio Global City. 
Telpad, The Only Online Landline from the innovative thinkers at PLDT HOME (Click to learn more) received an upgrade when it announced that it would be equipped with a powerful Quad Core processor. Along with a marked ramp-up in speed, the Quad Core also provides the firepower to handle multiple tasks in one tablet. It has better graphics and enhanced functionality for the latest apps, giving way to an enriched multimedia and overall user experience. 

The older single and dual core processors do not have as much computing muscle compared to the latest Quad Core. Electronics equipped with multi-cores to help the CPU (central processing unit) to multi-task, or allow it to work on one large task more efficiently.

Patrick Tang, VP and head of PLDT Home voice solutions, said "We're very happy to launch the Quad Core Telpad because PLDT is transforming to Access Company moving on to a multimedia company and we envisioned the Telpad to be the center of that connected home and now with Quad Core. It now has the processing power to deliver your lifestyle through the Watch, Listen and Play strategy that we have. For Watch, you can watch all of the Hottest Hollywood Blockbuster in our Clickplay app, Telenovelas, Koreanovelas, Animes that might be on TV and even single to go, as in app that you can watch a single shows. For this app we have the largest and I mean the largest list of international artists on MCA Universal. For play, we have no less than EA games as our popular game, the largest provider of online games and the largest mobile games. It is a powerful device, make it the center of your connected home and I hope to see Telpad in every home."
The new PLDT HOME Telpad units will run on the Android 4.1.2 Jellybean operating system. This platform allows applications for WATCH, LISTEN and PLAY- the three new content pillars of the Quad Core Telpad.   

These applications offer updated content, such as a wide array of songs from Spinnr (powered by SMART Music), the hottest video games from EA Games, new blockbusters from Clickplay, the latest news and information from News5 Everywhere, and fresh additions to Filipino soaps, Asianovelas, and Tagalized animes on MyPinoyTV. It was also announced that more content would soon be introduced on the Telpad. Around the corner are educational applications, digital newspapers, magazines and textbooks, and more applications for entertainment. Also on the horizon is the adoption to the Telpad of an updated heyÜ, PLDT's Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service app, which is set to introduce new features soon. 
The event had fabulous table centerpiece with a Hollywood Movie theme. This is some of the movies you can enjoy with the PLDT HOME Telpad
I was able to experience the super fun PLDT HOME Telpad at the booth, which was setup at the event. The first one was the WATCH Booth and they had a game called “Name that Movie”
With Bloggers Camille of the Soshal Network and Khaye of Shining Mom, we won an umbrella for guessing three movies. Yey! 
LISTEN Booth and “Name that Tune”
I need to catch up with the latest trends in music.

With SPINNR (Click to learn more), I can listen to music everywhere and check out all the latest music. Spinnr is the whole lot music experience! Streaming, download, playlists and many more! 
Thanks to the quad core speed, the music playing played with minimal buffering time.
 PLAY Booth. I got to play Raging Thunder. The graphics were phenomenal on the Telpad.
My kids will surely enjoy this game; I was so hooked on playing, that I wish we had these at home!
Introducing The Team Kramer as the newest online ambassadors of PLDT HOME TELPAD-- Couple Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Doug Kramer with PLDT's Patrick Tang.  
I am such a big fan of the Kramer Family, I love their kids Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin they are just so cute! 
Team Kramer even played games using PLDT HOME Telpad with the bloggers who had the highest scores at the WATCH, LISTEN and PLAY booths. Awww... I wish I did better.
Team Kramer playing “Name that Movie”
Cheska Garcia-Kramer playing “Name that tune”. 
Doug Kramer looked like he was a pro playing Raging Thunder with the PLDT HOME Telpad
The lucky bloggers who got the chance to play with the Team Kramer won gift certificates and a gift from PLDT HOME Telpad.

PLDT HOME Telpad Team with the Online Brand Ambassadors, Team Kramer.
Everyone say "PLDT HOME TELPAD!"

Tag your Telpad experience with #WatchListenPlay and/or #TelpadQuadCore to join the social media conversation along with the thousands of happy customers nationwide!

Give family fun a turbo boost. Upgrade now to a Telpad Plan and get 4x the power with Quad Core! Plans now starting at 1649 and join over 100,000 (thousand) Telpad subscribers nationwide. 

For more information on the Quad Core Telpad and its current plans, visit 

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  1. So cool.. I hope, but isn't expensive lol ^^ but seriously, it looks really cool.. #riotsabahay pag meron ako niyan..

  2. This will make a a very happy mother on mother's day. I'm going to show this to my husband. ;)

  3. We subscribe last year for a Telpad and I must say its really useful, specially the HDMI function! My nephew loves playing games in it, it feels like we also have an IPAD because we also bring it everywhere we go hahaha The new Telpad will be blast to new subscribers, how I wish we could swap our lower version to quadcore too hahaha but for now we are happy with what we have ^^


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