Fab Four Goes Grocery Shopping at Robinsons Selections

Robinsons Selections
Eight Forbes Town Road, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City
Open daily from 9am to 11pm

One of the things we love to do is shop. Being a mom, we are usually the one in charge of grocery shopping for our family. We prepare meals, decorate our homes and making sure everything is in order.  What better opportunity to fulfill that task while in the company of your favorite friends?

Going grocery shopping with your best friends are so much fun because you can dress up in stylish outfits, take lots of pictures and chat all day long. Plus, we get the added benefit of having our friends, who will be truthful to us, to offer opinions and help us in making decisions. 

Conveniently there's a new store that opened up, a new grocery experience comes to Bonifacio Global City's most invigorating strips, as grocery chain-giant Robinsons Supermarket open its milestone 100th store in the form of Robinsons Selections.  
My Fab Four friends Michelle (www.r0ckstarm0mma.com), Kaye (www.ilovekeisha.com), and Jenny (www.JennyRoxas.com) and I like to meet at Robinson's Selection to shop, walk laps (and talk a lot!) and have a meal together.
Robinsons Selections has everything you need from a healthy and delicious food-to-go section
We had sushi, potato, salad, fruits, mango float and graham cake and fresh fruit juices. I love that everything was fresh. They have a dining deck  that we enjoyed our meals while enjoying the FREE Wi-Fi access. 

Of course to preserve our beauty, we cruise around the Health and Beauty section and got what makes ourselves looking young forever.
It's so clean and orderly. It's grocery shopping with less stress.
They have all your favorite chocolates. For instance, Kit Kat's, and lot's of them.

They have a wide variety of home essentials. We needed some Cif and Domex is what we need to make our homes clean.
Spam anyone?

Robinson's Selections has this modern design, cool ambience and wider assortment of gourment and imported products. We couldn't help but admired the sophisticated white brick wall interiors and sleek steel shelves. 
Toblerone FOR MY SISTER 

They also have a wide selection of wines and liquors. Perfect for this holiday season.
Fresh produce, who wouldn't want to shop here?
Speaking of which I need to pick up vegetables for my kids.
They also have fruit baskets ready for your New Year's eve feast.
I was very impressed by how friendly and helpful the staff's are! Kudos to the management who obviously hires well and keeps the employees happy! 

We definitely had loads of fun. Thanks to 4 of the best girls to be with and Robinson's Selections making a grocery shopping an experience instead of a chore. 

Thanks to Shutter Count for our video

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  1. Ang cute niyo!!! :) naku siiiss.. You look so pretty in that black maxi dress!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. sarap nyo naman pagmasdan, beauties from head-to-toe! di naman kaya natulala ang mga staff sa inyo....fab 4 pa lang Ulam na, lol!


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