What I Got For Christmas 2014 ♥

Do you remember that feeling as a kid on Christmas morning? From the excitement of opening your gifts, believing that there is Santa Claus that came to town and gave the gift from the letter that you sent him and that big smile on your faces. 

This year my Christmas was really special and I felt like I was a kid again with that kind of happiness because I can really feel the meaning of Christmas, it is not about the gifts but it's about being very thankful that I have been blessed all year around and that my heart is filled with  so much happiness and contentment. I felt like I've accomplished a lot for completing the 9 days of Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo. They say God would grant your wish if you completed the 9 days. (I think he already did). ♥ 

I could not ask for more because I think I've been good this year and my Christmas came with special bonus, so I would like to take this opportunity to say A HUGE THANK YOU for the bonus that I received this Christmas and that is all your thoughtful gifts you've given me. I wanted to share everyone how much I really appreciate everything. Check out photos below and Wishing you a very Blessed Christmas and A Happy New Year! 


Dear Jenny Roxas
Thank you so much for the thoughtful--and useful--gifts! I truly love the shade of the Etude House play 101 Pencil you bought for me and The Body Shop Special Edition Body Butter. 
Dear Clarence, Bernice and Margaux
Thank you so much for my lucky charm bracelet, It looks very pretty on me. 
Dear Cha, Alou, Trisha, Pauline and Xed
I love this stylish COACH Signature Passport Holder to secure my passport with additional pockets for cards as well as important travel documents. Looking forward to use it on my next travel. Thank you so much! 
Dear Czarina, Czy and Cj
A green maxi dress is exactly what I wanted, and it's fabulous. I heard that this is going be the lucky color for the year 2015. Thank you so much, I really couldn't have wished for a lovelier gift this Christmas. 
Dear Superwoman
Thank you for being a great friend and for being so generous with your Christmas gift. It's definitely one of the best and beautiful gifts I've received. Your thoughtfulness really made Christmas memorable this year. I am sure that I will use this Desigual bag a lot. I'm looking forward to hanging out with you soon! 

Dear Ms. Letty
I am wearing these AVON Hello Kitty tank top, shorts and bra you got me while doing this post. They are so adorable I never want to take them off. You have a knack for picking the cutest stuff! Thank you so much. 
Dear Earth, 
Thank you so much for my Colour Collection Blush-on ♥
Dear Dermal Korea Philippines
I'm confident that I can put my best face forward with these luxurious limited edition Dermal Facial Mask gift set you sent me. Thank you so much! 
Dear L'oreal Philippines
Can't wait to try and review these Magique All-in-one Matte transforming powder from one of my favorite brand, the packaging is so adorable! 
 Dear Lazada (Underground Cosmetics)
Wow! Lots of fun and new makeup to play with! Thank you so much. 
 Dear Caronia
Thank you so much for the pretty nail colors and nail essentials. 
Dear Jergens
Thank you for sending me great products to make me more beautiful. 
 Dear Browhaus Manila and Strip Manila
Thank you so much for your awesome gifts! 
Dear Barbizon
Thank you for these sexy camisole set. 
Dear Uniqlo
This HEATTECH Crew Neck Long-Sleeve T-shirt is perfect when I go to Japan. A very warm thank you to AMPR for giving this to me. 
Dear Team ARC PR
Thanks for including me as one of the #FRIENDSOFARCPR. It's been a pleasure working with the hard-working ARC PUBLIC RELATIONS team. Thanks for the yummy edible crayons made of chocolate and the energizing room spray to keep our room with lots of positive energy. 
You are always so sweet and generous. Thank you so much Penser Q Multimedia Company for the Christmas gift. I really love it!
I just love the gift that you gave me. Every time I will see it, it will remind me of the awesome and sweetest couple (Jonel and Marjorie) . Thank you Digital Circles.
It was really very sweet of you to gift me. Thank you so much Ms. Rhoda!
Dear Midas Hotel
Thank you for the sumptuous delicious lunch buffet and for the Christmas gifts.  It was a Merry Midas indeed!
Dear Toblerone (Mondelez),  
Nothing more special than receiving #WowToblerone bars this Christmas. Thank you so much! 
Dear Villa Del Conte
Oh, you know how much I LOVE CHOCOLATE, so I'm sure you also know how thrilled I am with the fabulous gourmet chocolates selection box. What a wonderful gift- thank you so much. 
Dear Nippon Paint
Thank you so much for the plushie! 
Dear Jollibee
Thank you so much for sending my family delicious Crispylicious, Juicylicious #JollyJollyJoyJoy Christmas Bucket treats. You should have seen the kids' faces when it was delivered to our house. They were gone quickly that I didn't have the chance to take good pictures. 
Dear Unilab
Many sincere thanks go to your team for such a thoughtful gift. 
Dear Star Mobile
Thank you so much for the monopod, powerbank and android smartphone. 
Dear Vitress
I just want to say a million thank you's for making my hair more manageable and beautiful. I cannot say enough on how much I LOVE your products. Your gifts will be very useful for me. 
Thank you so much LUCIDO-L, these will be very useful for my hair. 
Dear Tupperware Brands
Thank you for the Christmas gift! Everything I need is in this tupperware  I love it! 

Dear May
(Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party)
Thank you so much for the festive plate. 
Thank you so much Campaigns & Grey (CAPRI) and Reese's. This is my all-time FAVORITE CHOCOLATE! I love Peanut Butter Cup ♥♥♥ Yum Yum!!!
Thank you so much Robinsons Supermarket 
Thank you so much STRATWORKS  
 Thank you so much Pambatang Solmux 200mg 
Thank you so much Honey for the YUMMY red velvet crinkles. 
Check out her Facebook page:
 Mom's Breaktime Food Corner 

Thank you so much Unilever ♥ 
 Thank you so much citi  

Thank you so much MediCard ♥ 
Thank you so much Fuentes Manila  

Thank you so much First Tier Brands  
Thank you Papa Euryd for my MacBook Pro  

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Wow! Dami! Merry Christmas, Rochelle!

  2. It was a Merry Christmas indeed! :D Lots of gifts!

  3. So many gifts! I think my fave is the villa del conte chocolates!

  4. Woww..!! You are really blessed Merry Christmas.. ^_^

  5. that's a lot of gifts! ganda ng bag, pwede akin na lng, lol!

  6. Wow! ang dami Gifts!,Hindi nakakapagtaka Ms.Rochelle,isa ka sa mga nakita kong Blogger na super active sa mga events!.kya deserving mo naman lahat ng yan,More Power ^_^


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