Fight Breakouts with Intense Diamond Peel

Goodbye pimple!” I exhaled after my very satisfying sesh of Intense Diamond Peel at Dermclinic.

I wrote about Dermclinic and the promising Intense Diamond Peel treatment this leading dermatological center offers (see post here) after my first session back in 2013. 

A device-assisted procedure that uses a diamond-tipped wand to remove dry surface cells and regain skin's radiance. It gently exfoliates the skin and stimulates cell growth to achieve smoother, clearer skin. This "lunchtime peel" is painless, requires no downtime and yields instant results.

I went to the branch at The Link in Makati for my second time. I wish I didn’t wait awhile for my next visit to have my skin checked, especially my face. My schedule has been crazy and hectic for quite some time now, but I couldn’t wait any longer when it has been three days now that I’ve tried to shut the pimple on my cheek from shouting every time I look in the mirror. Unfortunately, I failed.

I knew only Dermclinic can help me with it. So there I went to finally get rid of my stubborn pimple, it should be the least of my worries anyway.

Benefits of having Diamond Peel:

  • Produces collagen. The most significant benefit you will experience from this skin treatment is the marked improvement of your skin after a session. First, it is a proven way to stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is an important substance that makes your skin elastic and firm, and prevents the formation of fine lines.
  • Minimizes scars. The diamond peel process will also minimize the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, and pigmentations. 
  • Removes blackheads. The pores are also tightened and blackheads will be removed. 
  • Improves skin conditions. It will also prevent skin from being oily, leaving it clear, smooth and young-looking.
Indeed, diamond peel sessions can make significant changes in one’s skin.

In preparation of the Intense Diamond Peel, my face was gently cleansed and scrubbed to remove unwanted dirt. I got a facial massage as well, after a few minutes of applying some cream and a little brushing to help blood circulate better.  Then, the nurse apply a facial mask on me. To make sure my pores are ready for the main event, I had some steamy prologue. Wow, prepping itself was already relaxing and rejuvenating!

I remember the very first time I had the Intense Diamond Peel, it was… INTENSE! I think its name fits the actual result. As they say, love is sweeter the second time around. I say, “So as my diamond peel experience.”

The doctor took care of my white and black heads then my poor pimple? The doctor then pricked it and injected something in it. No, it wasn’t painful at all! I was so pleased to see my face in the mirror. It looked like I just put light make up on. I felt so renewed and flawless because my dead skin was removed. The powdery effect of the diamond peel transformed my face from dull to fresh, and my skin brighter.

Watch out! 

Here are some causes of breakouts: 
  • spicy foods
  • overusing beauty products
  • using incorrect or incompatible products
  • irritation from hair products like shampoo and conditioner
  • laundry detergents and fabric conditioners
  • smoking
  • stress
  • pollution
  • not enough sleep
  • and a lot more!

It’s never too late though. If you’re caught in a pimple-situation and other facial dilemma, Dermclinic has a solution for you – Intense Diamond Peel.

After the treatment, I was advised to use the NuDerm Skin Care Systems Dermisol Lotion that I would have to use twice daily.  The NuDerm Skin Care Systems Dermisol Lotion has bacteriostatic actions that prevent pimples and control infection. Now, I can enjoy a pimple-free skin. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to make your appointment now at Dermclinic.

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