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Summer is fast approaching and I'm already dreaming of beach holidays and festivals. I hope to steer myself back on the healthy track again in time for the season. 
Here are some tips that I plan on doing to keep my health and fitness in track. 

1. Get into the Groove 
I love Zumba and I'm just getting back into it again. It's so much fun and a great workout. Dance to great music with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. 

2. Set a Goal
It's hard to keep healthy when you don't have goal in mind. Mine is to achieve my ideal weight. I was told that I am 12 lbs. overweight so I'm working out to lose weight and to become stronger and more toned. Being able to have a physical goal helps me to stay focused. 

3. Look Healthy
To make me feel and look healthy, it is also important to take care of my skin as well. Below are some tips to keep your skin from getting damaged, so that you feel well at the end of the day and preserve that healthy glow a run will give you! 

  • Avoid running at noon to prevent sun damage
In the summer, you should avoid running with the sun right above you, as this is when you get sunburnt most easily. Therefore, don’t choose to work out between 10am and 4pm if possible, or stay in the shade where you can. The chillier weather in the morning or in the evening will probably be more bearable, as well!

  • Use protective clothing
Especially if you tend to get sunburnt easily, you should consider wearing clothes that cover you up a bit more during the summer months. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will feel very hot – sometimes a lightweight jacket or long-sleeved shirt may even feel cooler than a T-shirt or a top. Choose good breathing materials (no cotton!) and light colours. When you shop for sports clothing, you can keep your eye on labels that carry a UV protection factor rating.

  • Wear a hat with a brim or a visor
The best way to protect your facial skin and eyes during summer runs is to wear a hat that blocks the sun. Therefore, a hat with a brim or alternatively a visor is a great accessory for when the sun is out!

  • Wear sunglasses
To protect your eyes and the surrounding skin, there is no better way than wearing a pair of sunglasses. Pick ones that have high standard UV protection, and are comfortable to move with.

  • Use a suitable sunscreen
If you are running in the sun, you should be using sunscreen for your exposed areas to prevent getting sunburnt. Be sure that you use one that is suitable for the occasion, though. First, it should provide enough protection, so make sure the SPF is high enough. What is more, your sunscreen should be waterproof, light in texture, and oil-free to make sure you are still comfortable when you start to sweat. 
Watsons has a wide range of sunscreen lines to suit every sun-care essential.

  • Apply your sunscreen well 
You’ll probably start sweating shortly after getting out of the house because of the sun – and because you’re pushing yourself hard – so you should make sure that the sunscreen has already been absorbed by the time you step outside. Therefore, apply it 20 minutes before you plan to head for a run, even if you’re planning a short one – it is possible to get sunburnt in 15 minutes when the sun is intense! It is a good idea to do that before you put your running clothes on, and apply more than you think you need. Your clothes may move as you run, you might decide to take something off, or if you have running clothes made of mesh or other very thin material, these might not protect you from the sun so it is good to apply sunscreen underneath. Additionally, if you’re leaving for a long run, you might want to take a small tube of sunscreen or a sunscreen wipe with you, since it is good to reapply protection after two hours.

4. Join the Run 
On March 6 in SM Mall of Asia Grounds, I am joining the  Watsons Sun Warrior Challenge, most colorful and vibrant fun run with exciting obstacles and a party rolled into one. Check out the teaser below to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Name of Event: Watsons Color Manila Challenge ‘16
Date: March 6, 2016, Sunday
Venue: SM Mall of Asia Grounds

Race Categories
Race CategoryRegistration Fee and Race Kit InclusionGun Start
P950 - Singlet race bib, sunglasses, headware, finishers medal, color packet
P950 -Singlet race bib, sunglasses, headware, finishers medal, color packet
3KP950 - Singlet race bib, sunglasses, headware, finishers medal, color packet6:20AM
Assembly Time 4:00AM
Race Kit Inclusions: 
Singlet, Head Wear, Sunglasses, Finisher's Medal, Color Packet and a whole lot more. 

Don't miss out, so register now at 

For more information, Like Color Manila Run on Facebook:

Watsons will also be offering an exclusive summer promo for cardholders of SM Advantage, SM Prestige and BDO Rewards

Want to win your own race kit to #WatsonsSunWarrior Challenge? Repost this poster on Instagram
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Start summer early on March 6, 2016 in SM Mall of Asia Grounds. Run 3k, 5k or 10k! Kit includes a singlet, head wear, sunglasses, finisher's medal, color packet and a whole lot more. What are you waiting for? Hurry! Limited slots only. #SunWarriorChallenge 

(Don't forget to tag me @rochellemiko and make sure your account is NOT on private) 

I will send a DM on Instagram to the winner on February 27, 2016.  

Congratulations @running_suplado you've won a complimentary race kit :-) 

Thank you everyone for joining!  Hope to see you all there! 

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  1. Ohayo! Im joining! Hoping na ako manalo. Its my first time to run hahaha! And nakakaezcite talaga

  2. Good thing I saw your share post on facebook :)
    Joining :D

  3. I need to lose weight first and be more active before i can join in events such as this. Baka himatayin ako eh. Pero mukhang fun yun event kaya sayang. Blame it on buffet restos! Bumigat talaga yun katawan ko. Summer is here so i need to lose weight.


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