Leveling Up On Those Intimate Moments With NEW! Priva® Perfect Care 2-in-1 Intimate Wash

It's the love month, and she's thrilled because it's her very first as Mrs.! I guess it's true what they say that when you're with the Right One, you'll simply glow with love and light. 
Here's a personal tip from Toni Gonzaga-Soriano for amping up the romance:

1. Create the mood and be ready for intimate surprises!
2. This mood-making candle and the NEW Priva® Perfect Care 2-in-1 Intimate Wash are part of her romantic ritual. This time, it can be yours too

Women who want to get confidently close know that we need a lot more than merely magic or chemistry to make things work. In fact, we are aware that getting intimate is completely in our control—we can choose to tone it down, amp it up, or bring it to a totally new toe-curling level. 

But, what is it that one really needs to level up during those intimate moments? Freedom from dark secrets? A firm resolve to spice things up? A pump of multi-confidence? 

When it comes to meaningful intimate care needs like these, sirens have Priva® on our side. 

In fact, Priva® is for the woman who wants more—and gets it! It is the premium feminine wash used for everyday care of the intimate area with added benefits that specifically address our leveled-up needs. 

  • A fairer, smoother, more perfect nether region.
  • Priva® is the superior choice when it comes to meaningful intimate care benefits such as these, needs that go beyond cleansing. 
  • Tested by OB-Gynecologists to be safe and effective for everyday use.
  •  Priva® is formulated with tried and tested ingredients that provide noticeable whitening and smoothening effects in as early as two weeks.
  •  It a has RevitaCool™, which provides a refreshing feeling with every wash.
Now, from the ranks of the ultra-popular Priva® Skin Lightening and Cooling Intimate Wash with Glutathione (pink) and Priva® Skin Firming and Cooling Intimate Wash with collagen and Kwao Krua (blue), comes an advanced variant for the even more meticulous maven.

The NEW! Priva® Perfect Care 2-in-1 Intimate Wash is the first multi-benefit feminine wash specially formulated with glutathione that helps lighten dark skin areas and collagen to help improve smoothness of the skin. 

It provides leveled up confidence because of its multi-faceted approach of addressing these specific and sophisticated intimate care needs. Lightening and smoothening of your lady bits? Check.

So, regardless of your special intimate care needs, Priva® is there to help make each moment more meaningful. It’s definitely high time for Perfect Care down there. 
The NEW! Priva® Perfect Care 2-in-1 Intimate Wash is available in 60mL (P69.00) and 150mL (Php149.00), and is available in all leading supermarkets and beauty stores nationwide.  

Wishing you're in a V-day mood all year 'round!

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  1. Like the packaging. Reminds me of nuetrogena color. For our March grocery, will look for and try Priva. Thanks for this b

  2. wow nice review bout this Priva feminine wash. A must try feminine care, I'll surely buy this. Thanks Ms Rochelle. :)


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