Our Family Valentine's Date at SM By The Bay

SM By The Bay showcased various events more frequently evolving to a huge amusement and leisure scene. This 1.5-kilometer complex behind SM Mall of Asia became a great entertainment hub, concert ground, multi-themed park and dining center all in one. SM By The Bay is now one of the main attraction in the Metro where, on a daily basis, thousands of people in different age ranges gather. It is certainly the most sought-after spot to celebrate, party and bond with friends, families and our loved ones because of the great mood and tremendous hype it provides.

Its strategic location is one of factors why SM By The Bay is loved by not just Manileños but also people from other provinces, and even visitors from other countries. It is situated at the end of the busiest road EDSA; this is where public transportations from various direction and routes converge; it is one ride away from Baclaran Church, the airport and casinos. Persons from different walks of life can have fun and share the unique experience. 
SM By The Bay, just like other establishments, has a history of its own – milestones that are made rich because of the memories created, because of human touch. New featured rides meant more smiles to kids adoring the lights, colors and the fantasies they create. Original restobars meant fresh adventures for those who love to eat. The once was just on TV becomes real, then reality becomes etched in memories as wonderful experiences. You can basically start and end your day at SM By The Bay. In the early morning, a lot of local folks and residents from nearby hotels or condominiums go to the park, which is right at the edge of Manila Bay, to jog and witness the stunning sunrise. By noon, different food selections from diners to buffets to cafés are available. Some will conduct business meetings in the afternoon, while families will simply spend time in an impromptu picnic with food baskets and blankets on the grass. 

Children enjoy the playground and adults start sight-seeing and checking out the stalls and features in the park, while most of the population waits for the breath-taking sunset by the bay. As the evening approaches, the park becomes pumped up with all the loud music coming from the bistros and the speakers scattered and attached to the posts all over the park. Lights are inviting more goers from the main mall, and the rides come to life. Every Friday and Saturday, the public gathers by the bay to witness a sky full of light at 7:00 PM. Witnessing the fireworks display is undoubtedly an incredible way to end such a stressful week.

There are a lot enjoyable activities in store for everyone, such as zip-lining, bungee jumping and the like. It was a community of fun when one sees it from afar or when immersed in it. The festivities will end a few hours after midnight, then starts all over again.

SM By The Bay looks extraordinary during special occasions such as Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. 
Last February 13, our family had a firsthand experience of the great things SM By The Bay have to offer. We relished our dinner at Charaptor, a unique barbecue bar. Where else can you find a restaurant that lets you charcoal grill your barbecue right on your dining table? It was amazing!  
Here are some of the scrumptious food choices and cuisines at Charaptor:
Unli Barbecue!!!
And a lot more…
Street food with a twist ☺
And pasta too.
Who wants some cheesy macaroni?
All-time favorite

More Filipino cuisines
We, Filipinos love these! Sawsawan!
Fruit selections
I heart desserts. Gotta love ice cream!
It was a remarkable pre-Valentines treat to everyone who was present. Platinum Fireworks, Inc. Philippines graced the wonderful evening with an exhibition pyro musical show from Portugal and the Philippines,
 and special live performances from featured bands. 

The sponsors also gave away free Magnum ice cream to those who were in the VIP seats. The event was the official opening ceremony for the 7th Philippine International Pyro musical Competition which will light up the skies of SM By The Bay in the next coming Saturdays at 7:30 PM that started February 13 and will culminate on March 19, 2016. The ambiance, sceneries and dining options will definitely make all hearts leap out of excitement and joy. What a perfect way to celebrate love! This is undeniably the perfect place to have a good time with your Valentine’s date, may it be your barkada, family or special someone. You can simply stroll and walk around or chill and drink while listening to live bands. You can have a peaceful and quiet moment while looking down from the top of the big white wheel MOA Eye or scream your lungs out in one of the extremely crazy rides. You can also try the latest attraction, Cruise by the Bay, where you and your date can spend a candlelit dinner with romantic background music playing live on the cruise boat. It will be absolutely one-of-a-kind and picture-perfect.
Some Hearty Fireworks <3
All these and more, this love month, it’s not too late to schedule a day of fond moments with loved ones at SM By The Bay. It is located in Pasay City at the SM Mall of Asia Complex. It operates daily from 6:00 AM to 2:00 AM, while the restaurants are open from 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM.

Share your of Philippine International PyroMusical Competition with the hashtags: 
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For more information, Like Philippine International Pyromusical Competition (Official) on Facebook 


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  1. wow mukang masarap mga food ang daming choices! muka ngang maganda dyan hoping I can go there one day with my son!

  2. wow mukang masarap mga food ang daming choices! muka ngang maganda dyan hoping I can go there one day with my son!


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