Get a chance to win a trip to Palawan when you subscribe to myStarter Plan

People say, “Live life to the fullest!” The million dollar question is “How?”

I love adventures! I mean, who doesn’t? We all struggle to get the best in life. With determination, hard work, perseverance, sacrifices, we want to succeed and reach our goals. 

Globe has a perfect starter for you. With the new Globe myStarter Plan, you can have the most exciting adventure of your life!
Remember Mowgli in The Jungle Book? He had amazing and fun adventures with his friends. The epic movie depicted moments of excitement and thrill, showing how Mowgli fearlessly embraced the jungle and the changes he’s faced in growing up every day in a literally wild forest. Mowgli isn’t afraid to take his first steps to stand out and to live life full of adventures. He was simply inspiring!

You, too, don’t have to be intimidated by new things and experiences. You have to always embrace your first move because this is your entry-level to big breaks. At the end of the day, you want to be able to shout out “I’ve made it!” or “I did it!” It’s up to you.
This is why Globe Postpaid came up with a budget-friendly and flexible plan that will give you the chance to have a memorable and overwhelming adventure in Palawan. Yes, you have read it right! Globe Postpaid will give you your most-awaited vacation. Summer can be so cool after all!

With Globe myStarter Plan, you can have dull-free moments anywhere you want anytime without having to worry about your budget. It is postpaid and prepaid at the same time! Sometimes, it is difficult to stay on top of your bill when you have a postpaid plan, especially when you just began using one. Paying for a fixed monthly rate of either 300 or 500 pesos is one of the benefits you’ll get when you sign up for the Globe myStarter Plan. No more bill shock! You can stay in control while enjoying a new smart phone, mobile data, calls and texts.

Already have a Globe prepaid number? No need to change it and go through the hassle of updating everyone with your contact information because you can just upgrade it to the myStarter plan.

Here’s your ultimate bonus if you sign up now until April 19, 2016 - the chance to win a 4-day Palawan trip for 4. A perfect jungle getaway this summer with your family or friends! It’s definitely worth it. Grab and embrace this opportunity for you to live a life full of adventures with Globe myStarter Plan!

Earn raffle entries by simply sending an SMS or by visiting this link below:

You can also check out the official social media pages or drop by the nearest Globe stores in your location.
@enjoyglobe on Instagram 
@enjoyGLOBE on Twitter

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