#LoveSnR Cool Finds for Summer Living

The days may be hot hot hot, but the cool finds for summer living at S&R will make unbearable heat more refreshing. From barbecues to warm lazy days to bike rides, there's simply too much to love about this season. 
These big tub of delicious Blue Bunny Ice Cream  were the perfect way to begin. 
Buy any 2 Blue Bunny Ice Cream for only P629.95 save P69.95. So much flavor. so much fun. Shopping at S&R is like a bowl of Blue Bunny Ice Cream... so hoppin' good. 
Add fun to your summer with Disney design swimming pools. It is a great way to cool off in the summertime. S&R also have dozens of pool toys for kids that can help them to develop their swimming skills, diving skills, and motor skills, all while they're having fun. From inflatable pools, swim ring to arm band. They also have barbie or chicco aqua shoes for kids. 
I can't help but feel young at heart and imagine myself playing with my kids with this Disney Pool Ring for only P389.95 or I think its better to get the bigger one which is the Disney Pool Ring for only P1,629.95

Summer is the perfect time for going out and enjoying your favorite activities. Biking outside even for just seven minutes can burn 50 calories. It's the perfect outdoor activity, and fun for the whole family! S&R has RUX 20" Mountain Bike/BMX for only P4,499.95
When I saw this Coleman Tent Instant Up at S&R it made me daydream about stargazing, building a campfire or pretend with a lantern or flashlight and grab some marshmallows or just relax and take a nap inside the tent. 

But can I put this aircon inside the tent while I sleep? 
As the summer really heat up, I am thinking of heating up the barbecue too. After all, what's more fun than gathering family and friends for a sunny, backyard picnic or a garden party under the stars. I know I love it. :-) 

Also check out these shorts now on sale! 

Urban Denim Shorts for only P519.95 and Urban Star Rip & Grinding Shorts for only P549.95.

Urban Star Ladies Shorts available in color peach or white for only P419.95. 

There are lots of products that would make great buys that can be enjoyed all summer long. Make a purchase that will help take advantage of the warm weather. Shop for Gears & Fits for the Great Outdoors and enjoy S&R membership club pricing means low prices, all these and more are reason for us to #LoveSnR 

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  1. First of all Hello Ms. Rochelle! Thank you for the pre-loved I bought last time in the 101 Row pop up summer in Makati! I was glad and overwhelm to see you there, and in personal! :))) Such a beauty indeed! They carry a lot of products from the states you won’t find at SM or Market Market even Puregold Hehehe. They also carry many of the items in bulk, great for a big family but sometimes to much for a small one. We usually stock up on things like toilet paper and diapers which are noticeably cheaper then the other stores here in the area. They have a good selection of canned and jarred products like soups and sauces. A very large selection of juice and pop, you can even find Dr. Pepper! There is a good sized baked good area with breads and buns, cakes, cookies you name it. But this year's summer is pretty intense... I am not sure whether global warming has something to do with this, but it's really getting hotter these days. Wearing something simple and comfy may actually do the trick. I think in S&R you can find some tank tops at an affordable price to buy.. Plus inflatable pools etc.. Yay! A good tools and cool find this summer is a must!!!
    More discount and yet cheaper but reasonable price to look forward!!!

    I love love love your floral dress in that photos!!! Can I arbor it?? Hahahah! Joke. Kidding aside. I really do start loving all of your OOtd's specially summer ootd's. Such a fit and sexy for me! (Nakakainggit) Looking forward to see you again in any of bazaar events. I would really visit and go for sure!!! :)) Yung picture natin sana bigyan mo ako ng copy during 101 row summer! Hehehehe! :)) And hope to win in any of your giveaways ahead. Especially this one. And staycation too! Hhehehehe!
    - Rain Gatdula

  2. Hi mam Rochelle,shopping is really one of our weakness,right? Mostly kpg sales,new items n more freebies. Sobrang khinaan nting tlga itong gawain n ito n khit wlng wla n e go p rn bsta mkpg shopping. And we super duper love it pag dun p s store n like mu ang sale. Like this SnR,its good to shop hir! Their products are trully good and have best quality. I #LoveSnR too bcoz i found hir all wat i nid and all that i want. Plus it just one ride from us so no hassle in transpo! Just enjoy mam rochelle ur shopping there. Tke cre always,buy the one that is your badly needed and satisfies your happiness....and phabol po,always sty pretty po! I love all ur post and ur attire. Ur trully a "diosa" ng kgndhan...
    Im garimeg alghie tonal in fb
    @bernallein16 in ig ....thanks for always having a giveaway. Hoping so much to win...

  3. Hi Ms.Rochelle Rivera you know your such a very professional singer i love the way you express the emotions of the song .And your so beautiful you lokk so young i admired you so much your my rainbow because you colored my day everytime i listen to your wonderful voice .i love it .

  4. Wow!great finds for summer..
    it s lovely items youre showing!
    Great post!

  5. Hi Ms.Rochelle! You look so fresh and pretty in that floral dress. ..love it so much.
    .I remembered my husband bought a nice blouse and shorts in S&R Alabang.One more thing i love about S&R is the pizza..lol!
    There's a lot of great things to buy there and the good thing is that there is S&R near our place. The tent are really nice for camping.
    Chelsea saw your picture,She asked me " Can you buy that one for me(the small swimming pool),mama.I also like to play there" haha,naiingit lang sayo Ms.Rochelle.
    I'm really happy when I met you in person.Hope to see you again!!


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