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Fats has always been my problem and as a mother of 3 kids belly just would not shrink back to its former self right after the baby popped out. I also love eating fatty and junk foods so I tend to have excess baggage. I hate how I had to buy new clothes and sell a lot of my clothes because they don’t fit me anymore. I despise how people keep telling me that "You became fat", "You are so fat". Because of that, I became conscious on how my body looks and what goes inside it. The societal pressure gave me the kick to start changing my unhealthy lifestyle. 
I didn’t bother using the weighing scale anymore ever since I found out that I weigh 136 pounds. Depression hit me and only lead me to eating more. But when I regained my strength and stopped moping around, I figured that nothing will change unless I do. 
Luckily, I found MySlim Yerba Mate Drink and Capsules to help me burn calories and lure back my figure. 

The Yerba Mate Drink is made up of Palatinose, Carnipure and Finomate/EFLA920 (Yerba Mate Extract) which detoxifies, boosts energy and burns fat

It’s recommended to drink one bottle every other night or three times a week before you go to sleep. Going to the bathroom the morning after shall be expected since it is your body’s way of getting rid of them toxins and flushing all your fats away. Make sure to stay home to avoid any potty inconvenience. 
One bottle costs Php89 and can be purchase on leading drugstores nationwide. It is also available in sachet for only Php69.
It’s cheap, accessible, and tastes like ordinary strawberry iced tea. Do drink it cold so it will taste good and drink it after you had your breakfast because after taking it, everything will just not taste the same anymore and you may lose your appetite. I do not know if I really did lose weight but what I noticed is that I lose some fats and my pants got looser so I think it is effective. I have already consumed eight bottles so far which I drank twice a week. What I like most about it is that it flattens my tummy/belly and from a size 30 to 27 waistline. Truly a miracle slimming drink. 
*Effects may vary* 
The next product is kind of the same thing but it comes in capsules. These capsules have Metaburn which enhances and speeds up metabolism so the energy in the food you eat do not get stored as fat but get burned as energy. 
One bottle has 30 capsules and sells for Php540. It’s worth every cent because you can truly feel the difference in your body. 
I take two capsules per day (after heavy meals) which is fairly safe. Unlike the Yerba mate drink, it has no side effects but nonetheless, works like a charm. 

I believe that with proper diet and regular exercise, I can achieve that summer bod I'm aiming for. 
Watch me go from fatty to a figure that screams BEACH! Have an amazing summer and don't forget to stay sexy! ;) 

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  1. Wow that's your secret to achieve that Sexy look. Me too I have extra baggage hehe, very true almost all mommies problem is the changed in out body shape after giving birth

  2. hi Ms. Rochelle, if I take a capsule form, magbabowel movement ba ko or wala namang ganon effect?


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