I know it’s not the love-month February, but love can be celebrated anytime we want. This summer, Knorr, Unilever’s top food brand, released a global campaign, that I am pretty sure, everybody can relate to. #LoveAtFirstTaste is all about stories of finding love in flavors. I’m very much supportive of this promo because I have first-hand experience on how food helped me find my soul mate. We are both food lovers!

Research showed culinary experience constructs certain feelings with people, and revealed how flavor preferences determine how we find our match. Most of the time, we don’t notice how food tells us more about ourselves than what we already know. Here are some numbers for you:

Sample: 12,000 persons in 12 countries
  • 83% claim to be more attracted to people who enjoy the same food flavors as them
  • 80% see flavor as an important part of their everyday life
  • 69% find the idea of trying out new flavors sexy and exciting
  • 73% would even most willingly give up social media first forever before sacrificing flavor
  • 33% say they found someone ordering a dish they disliked a turn off
  • 20% say choosing a meal they didn’t like to impress a date

 Anchored on a statistics proving that flavor preferences can impact connections to other people, Knorr had a unique social experiment where strangers were paired on a blind date based on their personality flavor. Wondering how personality flavors are determined? Try it yourself by going to the Flavor Profiler at myflavor.Knorr.com. 

Discover which one of the twelve flavor profiles you are! Here’s the 3-minute short film that will either inspire you or will bring back memories about how food made you fall in love.

The influence of food to traditions and culture can go very deep. You have to really dig into researches to find out how food played a vital role in creating different types of relationships. Well, that’s history. I doubt if this is not obvious and invisible in our current situations. 

I believe food will always be associated in every memory we create daily. When we go out with our peers or family, we take pictures of our food and post in social media. We try a new restaurant on first dates. We visit a certain place just to try the delicacies. We discover new recipes to prepare for special occasions or simply pour ourselves in the kitchen to create the best dish for a special someone. 

It’s your turn to share how flavors added meaning to your life with your partner, best friends, family, etc. I can’t wait to read your stirring and ground-breaking #LoveAtFirstTaste experience. 

The 3 best stories will win exclusive gift packs from Unilever. This is going to be so much fun! 

To join this giveaway just follow the simple mechanics on my facebook page (click here

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  1. I was smiling while watching the video. This is not impossible to happen,their are people who can be close and fell in love in just a short time or the first time they met.I do believe in love at first sight,same thing if you have same taste when it comes to food,when you like food.Me and my husband are really into food,we enjoy cooking together and eating. When you have same hobby,likes,passion and love for food,oh yes! It's like you already found the right person for you.Like how I found my love 💖💖💖

  2. Super lovely, cute, and inspirational. I also send my entry on your giveaway. life is love :) Blessings Miss Rochelle

  3. Lucky are the people who find love in the strangest places. :)



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