Bloom in style with Bayo’s Summer Collection

Bayo officially launches its summer  collection that reflects the bright, breezy air of summer while sartorially paying homage to the beauty of the Philippines. The global floral trend takes an original twist with the brand’s newest line of designs which gives nod to the country’s native floral charm.
The collection, dubbed ‘Flowers of the Philippines, is inspired by some of the native flowers distinct to the county’s local culture. The line’s mix of soft and bright colors with its artistic patterns flawlessly takes anyone back to the elegance of the Filipino culture with its unique take on summer florals. 
The summer collection features several designs and patterns that represent the beauty of eight local flora namely the Philippine Lily, Ilang-IlangGumamela, SampaguitaWaling-WalingDoña AuroraMagnifica, and Malakatmon
The original graphic prints are available in various flattering silhouettes perfect for the wardrobe transition the season calls for.
The featured blooms are chosen not only for their charm but for their stunning representation of the country’s natural beauty. The Philippine Lily is an endangered flower that thrives only in the high altitudes of the Cordillera Central Mountains. 
 The Ilang-Ilang of Luzon is treasured for its striking splendor and exceptionally delicate scent.
 Palawan’s sunny bright Malakatmon, on the other hand, is further visual proof of the country’s rich, beautiful landscape. 
Gumamela earned its spot on the list for its bright, colorful blossoms as well as our national flower, the humble Sampaguita, for its diminutive beauty. Completing the collection are the royalties of Philippine flora, Waling-Waling (also known as the “Queen of Philippine Flowers”), Doña Aurora which was first found in 1915 in Mt. Makiling and named after President Manuel L. Quezon’s wife, and Medinilla Magnifica a popular ornamental plant endemic to Luzon, Mindoro, and Panay Islands.
Taking front and center as the face of the collection is Bayo’s latest ambassador Iza Calzado who first lent her world-class beauty to the brand last 2015. The actress and TV personality perfectly embodies the clothing label’s audience: the graceful, beautiful, modern Filipina. 
Bayo has always been passionate in advocating local culture and encouraging Filipinos to be proud of their heritage. 

Last year, its Holiday Heritage campaign featured parols (Philippine Lanterns) as the inspiration for their Holiday collection
The brand uses its creative vision to create sartorial pieces for the modern Filipina muse. ‘Flowers of the Philippines’ is the collection that the brand will offer this summer.  
Give your closet the much needed dash of color this season requires by checking out the collection in all Bayo stores nationwide.

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