Bayo launched its upcoming holiday collection entitled Style Harvest: A Holiday Heritage

Bayo recently unveiled its holiday collection entitled Style Harvest: A Holiday Heritage, which the company said was inspired from the festivity, color and happiness of the Filipinos and by the PAROL, a lantern shaped like a star in different colors which represents the Filipino's symbol of the Christmas spirit. 

Bayo also proudly presents its newest brand ambassador, Iza Calzado

Bayo, as a company that takes pride in its Filipino heritage, is no different. The company has dedicated itself to fully embodying the festivity through its stores. Not only did it launch a new collection inspired by the parol, but it has also partnered with the artisans of San Fernando, Pampanga to provide beautifully crafted parols in all of its stores nationwide.  

Bayo also invited the Virlanie Foundation Children's Choir to serenade the guests with Christmas songs during the event. 

The choir's performance, akin to that of children caroling on the doorsteps of their neighbors, exemplified the feeling of the traditional Filipino Christmas celebration. 

Shop at Bayo for the perfect Christmas gifts, Holiday outfits for every festive occasion.  

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  1. Oh I LOVE BAYO! This brand is one of my favorites when I was still a teenager. My mom used to buy me clothes from BAYO and I love how comfortable they were whenever I wear them!
    Actually, I still have some of them in my closet, although they are a bit old, but I still keep them, because they remind me of my younger years and those happy memories I had when I wore them! :-)
    I am so glad that BAYO launched a new holiday collection , hoping it will be suited to my fashion style now,..:-)


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