NESCAFE RED MUG MACHINE: The easy way to #StartCreating your coffee cravings

I am one of the many individuals that are fueled by coffee. Just the scent of it is enough to amplify my energy in the morning and its taste is just a pleasure to have in the mouth. I love everything about coffee no wonder I was super glad and grateful to be invited by country's number one brand of coffee, NESCAFE, last November 4 at the launch of their Red Mug Machine held at Blue Leaf Pavillion, BGC. 
During the launch that was hosted by Tessa Prieto Valdes, the media guests and bloggers were assigned to one of the celebrity ambassadors which are Bianca King, Denise Laurel and Raymond Gutierrez. 

I was part of Team Bianca (#StartCreatingTeamB) where she showed us how to create her favorite Double Chocolate Mocha
It was fun to see these stars create their own coffee and how they add their special kick to it. 
Raymond (#StartCreatingTeamR) did a Vanilla Chilled Coffee.
While Denise (#StartCreatingTeamD) crafted a winning Hug in a Mug Latte
The event was a complete success and it even ended with a bang when they gave us our own NESCAFE Red Mug Machine
The NESCAFE Red Mug Machine is everything I can wish for in a coffee machine. It lets you create various taste coffee recipes from steaming mocha down to my favorite cafe latte. It is very simple to use. I can create any coffee I desire in just a matter of 2 minutes. What I love most about it is its foam feature! It makes me feel like a real life barista crafting all these fancy coffees right in the comfort of my own nest. This is just a great add-on to my kitchen and I am very pleased with it. 

If you are like me who loves coffee to the ends of the world, then getting this machine will surely be worth every cents. It is also the perfect Christmas present for your family and friends. They will surely fall in love with it the same way I did when I got mine. It can be purchased for an introductory price of Php1,999.00 until December of 2015 ONLY at selected Robinsons, Puregold, and Merkado Supermarkets

It comes with two transparent glass mug, 100 grams of NESCAFE CLASSIC, and 250 grams of NESTLE COFFEE-MATE

Learn how to use it in minutes

Watch product demo and instructional video to get tips and helpful information on NescafePH YouTube Page. 

For more information, you can check out their website at or ask me anything you'd like to know about this baddass machine and I will try my best to get back to you.

I wish you all a happy day and God Bless! 

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  1. I'm a coffee lover too ^ ^ This is perfect and very affordable. I shall check 'em out this weekend.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. SUPER Cool gift idea for Christmas! Thanks a lot Ms.Rochelle, for sharing to us some info about the new Nescafe RED MUG Machine! :-) I feel that my hubby will absolutely love this one if I gift him with this for Christmas! :-) He is totally addicted to coffee! :-)
    Enjoy your new COFFEE machine, Ms.Rochelle! :-)

  3. I can't wait to get my hands on this machine. Though it is only still available in metro manila

  4. Does it have a plastic taste?

  5. hi
    my name is taha ahmed ibrahim
    i am an electrical engineer from egypt
    i am trying to get this redmug coffee machine but unfortunately i cant find it here in egypt or online
    please if you know how can i get it
    thank you :) :)


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