Wingstop: Where East Meets Flavor

Wingstop is not your average wings restaurant. Born in Texas USA, Wingstop is a proud flavor company, boasting of a ten unique flavors that consist of spicy, sweet, and savory variations. Each flavor can hold its own within the star studded menu, and each bite is a celebration of everything that's good about life. Wingstop promises more than a meal. It promises an experience. With its sauces generously poured over freshly cooked wings, Wingstop loyalists know that there is only one place to go to satisfy their wings cravings.

Whether you want to set your taste buds on fire, satisfy your sweet tooth, or just keep things simple, Wingstop is sure to have something in store. 

As a company with a determined commitment to get at it, Wingstop promises to keep its customers wanting more, by always keeping things new, fresh, and exciting. Having made its way into the hearts and stomachs of Asians from all over, Wingstop is the newest place where East Meets Flavor.

Introducing the Asian Wings: hand breaded, made-to-order wings available in 4 flavors
Korean Soy
Spicy Soy
Honey Garlic
and Honey Barbecue
Onion Rings, Loaded Nachos and Loaded Fries

Perfect pair with a Chipotle rice and a refreshing drink. 

This was the first time I went to Wingstop and I loved it. Definitely will be a return customer. 

For more information LIKE Wingstop Philippines on Facebook and follow @wingstopph on Instagram

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