This Christmas Give Big, Save Much Bring out the Santa in you with S&R's great holiday gifting ideas. Club-priced to make you save like Scrooge! 

Whether looking for a Christmas gift for individuals or for groups, the options at S&R are endless. Some of their Christmas gift baskets overflow with copious amounts of gourmet snacks and foods. Whichever Christmas gift basket you ultimately decide to give, they are sure to be enjoyed by all.

Make an impression with top-rated wine holiday baskets that are expertly paired with complimentary  gourmet chocolates with the Yuletide Cheers for P1,999.95 that comes with 750ml Martini Asti Spurmante, Vino Fontana White, B&G Dublin Aromatic Rouge and 1kg of French Natural Truffles. 
A morning just isn't complete without that cup of coffee. So, why not enhance someone else's day with a gourmet coffee gift baskets that are complete with everything they need to kick start their New Year. And when it's not morning and they need a pick-me-up, that's where the artisan chocolate comes into play! New Year Tidings holiday basket make a great corporate gift for only P1,499.95, which comes with 12oz Daily Chef Columbian Instant Coffee, 35.3 oz MS Non Dairy Creamer,  340g Jacobsen New York Dreams, and 250g Royal Dansk White Choco & Raspberry. 
Santa's Savories for P1,499.95 which comes with 5oz B&H Almond Roca Gift Box, 120g Vergani Tin Box, 6oz Planters Salted Caramel, Pringles Chips Chiley Lemon/Bbq, 8.81oz Belgian's Butter Waffle Crisps, Hershey's Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Spread, 4/20 oz Snapple Juice Drink, 4/17oz Sparkling Ice Zero Calories. 
Merry Mix Up for P1,999.95 15 oz. Bertoli Alfredo Pasta Sauce, 2L MS Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 400g Barilla Sugo Arrabiata Eng, 2/6oz KS Organic Tomato Paste, 3/14.5 oz KS Organic Diced Tomatoes, 453g Kraft Cheese, Barilla Collezione Fettuccine, and 500g Sernola. 
Holiday Bounty for P3,499.95 24oz. KS Sliced Peaches Lite Syrup, 12oz Hormel Corned Beef, 454g Premium Cooked Ham, 500g Barilla Penne Rigate Pasta, 2L MS Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mardel Dulce De Leche, 39oz Swiss Miss Mini Marshmallow w/Can, 15oz Bertolli Alfredo Pasta Sauce, 825g Del Monte Fruit Cocktail, Keror Sparkling Red/White Grape, Bumble Bee Pink Salmon, Jacobsen Classic Santa Cookies, Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce, and Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette Dressing. 
The way we invest our resources today determines the way our life and health unfolds tomorrow. That is why I believe a gift that  support someone's health is one of the best gifts that you can give! You may want check out this DOWELL Slow Juicer for P7,999.95
Black and Decker Box Fan with Free Black & Decker Water Filter Jug with Digital Counter for only P2,794.95
Practical gifts will always have a place in our world. :)
Show your love in a big way. You can select from a range of small and big plush toys at S&R. 
Find a wide variety of plush toys for Christmas right here. These plush toys for Christmas are certainly the best---Christmas Round Animals are only P399.95 each and 30inch assorted Christmas Cuddles are P749.95 each

Visit today and for sure you'll #loveSnR.

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Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays everyone. 

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  1. Since it is already the 1st day of DECEMBER, let me greet you an advance Merry Christmas, Ms.Rochelle! :-)
    I think you really love shopping at S&R based on your review and the past ones. :-)
    Maybe it is really worth a visit! :-) I like the Wine Holiday Basket with gourmet Chocolates especially TRUFFLES! :-) This would surely delight my heart if I'd receive something like that this Christmas!
    Looking forward to more of your shopping experience in your favorite store! :-)


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