Up&Up Cream to Restore the Skin's Youthful Glow!

Encouraged by the success of Up&Up Skin Lifting Serum by Yuyu Healthcare Inc., Riantique Global Inc. CEO Ria Castrillo brings yet another effective beauty treatment to the Philippines: Up&Up Cream.

According to Castrillo, Up&Up Cream, adds to Filipinas’ options for a non-surgical skincare solution “that is both safe and easy on the pocket. Up&Up Cream is one product that you can trust to enhance beauty and restore youthful glow in an instant without the need for surgery.”

UP&UP is a revolutionary new concept in skin rejuvenation from Korea that provides a safe, affordable, and nonsurgical solution to skin problems associated with aging like sagging eyelids, eyebags, inelastic cheeks, crow's feet, enlarged pores, and hidden neckline. This product was specifically formulated to revitalize damaged skin by regenerating elasticity and repairing wrinkled skin while whitening.

After application, results become visible in seconds. With continued use, skin retains its youthful glow.
Model Marina Benipayo has tried Up&Up Cream and shared in an interview that it definitely treat her face to an avalanche of vitamins to improve it.  
“During the second week, I noticed my face was clearer and younger-looking,” Benipayo said. “Now that I've been using Up&Up for a month straight, I noticed my skin is healthier and in much better condition.”

“My skin is definitely not the same as it was 20, 10 and five years ago,” Benipayo added. “But I've always believed that proper diet, the right kind of exercise, lifestyle and outlook in life are big contributors to feeling and looking young. At 47, I almost never get too exposed to the sun, I sleep and rest as much as I can and reserve it for only the most important things like family and work. I don't take in alcohol and stay away from negative stresses. I've also been more picky with the products I use on my face.”

Based on her experience with the product, Benipayo said: “I think Up&Up Cream will give its competitors a run for their money. It’s an effective product, very suitable for Asian skin, and has absolutely no downtime at all. I can use it any time of the day—in the morning, evening, before I put on makeup. It’s an instant vitamin treatment for the face.”

Benipayo dispenses some sage advice, too. “Accept your age and take the best care of yourself that you can by following the basic needs of the skin and body: Proper skincare, diet and exercise.”

“I always knew that maintaining a level of beauty and confidence entails a lot of work and love for self,” she said. “Now that I have these Up&Up boosters, I know that my skincare regimen will be easier to maintain. I do not have to use other products like eye creams, skin-lifting serums and moisturizers: Up&Up can replace all of them now.”

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  1. Just by looking at the picture, I thought that the Up&Up Cream is an injectable beauty product. :)
    But upon reading the details, I found out that it is a skin-lifting cream in a unique packaging,which looks like a syringe without a needle. :-) Never heard about this product, but at least I've got an idea about it because of your post, Ms.Rochelle. It is one of the products from YUYU Healthcare under YUYU Pharma, a well-known pharmaceutical company in South Korea. It is said that it is affordable, so better to know more about this product if someone wants an easy on the pocket, all in one anti-aging solution. :-)

  2. Hi. What happened to this product? Why not existing anymore? Would you know po where to buy? Thank you!


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