My Malaysian Expedition Day Five

I was both emotional and energized on the last day of our Malaysian adventure. It was the final day to complete the challenges and everyone was so competitive to reach the finish line of the race.

We were welcomed by these colorful trishaws. They were similar to our customary tricycle and pedicab but they looked more like a carriage from a kid’s fairy tale book to me with all the flowers and other decorations. The Hello Kitty embellishment made me merrier to ride one of them. Riding the trishaw along Jonker Street was extremely thrilling, especially with the gorgeous sceneries of Melaka.

Well, you guessed it right. I’m a Hello Kitty fan!

I knew that day was going to be amusing. My young-at-heart self was ready for the Trishaw Hunt and Jonker Street Photo Hunt contests. I wish we also have our version of the trishaw with our tricycle and pedicab here in the Philippines.
Again, it was one of the interesting ways to learn more about Malaysia and the must-see places. It was mentally and physically stimulating. We were given sheets to answer some trivia questions, and locate the printed pictures from actual items in different retail shops. Oh I wished I went there for shopping because there are quite a lot of lovely items I could take home. There were several food stalls as well. I couldn’t help but admire the places while we were looking for clues to complete our task.
We were mid-way through the hunt but I needed some refreshing because it was so hot. You have to try their cendol drink. I didn’t know if I was just thirsty that I finished my cendol quickly or it was just because it was super delicious!
Cendol is a traditional Asian dessert that is made from shaved ice, coconut milk, rice flour jelly and palm sugar. The green worm-like jelly is jendol in the native language which means “swollen” or “bulge”. 
Next stop was the Stadthuys Hunt.
Stadthuys, that means “city hall”, is a historical red-painted, mostly Dutch, structure located in heart of Melaka. The museum was grand and a replica of the olden times of the place. It was the premier  location of artifacts and costumes that will tell you how rich the culture is in Malaysia. You can also find the Christ Church and the Clock Tower in the compound of Stadthuys.

We wrapped up at the eminent Clock Tower. We were all cheering for each other and hugging each other for a job well done! It was no joke to run around, be under the sun for a long period of time, conquer our fears, strategize and exert a lot of energy completing the tasks assigned to us since Day 1.

Finally, it was time for lunch. I was so excited to try something new today after my memorable ostrich omellete meal during Day 4 (see post here). Malaysia, as always, did not disappoint us. 
The food was pleasurable and we got to watch some magic show
We were all stuffed and ready to head out to the culminating activities that evening.

The Awarding Ceremony was surely gratifying. Although Team Philippines didn’t win the race, we were all cheerful for Team Brunei. It already took a huge amount of effort to be part of this adventure; it meant more sweat and strength to win it.

Remembering the fulfillment I felt at that very moment makes me want to go back to Malaysia. The air was definitely filled with success and gaiety that we all made it. We didn’t plainly complete the race; we made great memories and friendship out of it. Indeed, places are mere locations in the map until you let yourself be in it and have fun. That’s the only time places become special.

And just when we thought the celebration was over, the host prepared a feast for us. Our dinner was at the Grand Hibicus Ballroom. Truly rewarding! It was like a special wrap for the already special gift from Tourism Malaysia.

The ASEAN Media Bloggers Tourism Hunt 2015 was a success and I’m really hoping there will be more to come. More than promoting the exquisiteness that different Asian countries have to show the world, it is the unity amongst everyone and the harmonious relationship we develop in having this kind of events.

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