My Malaysian Expedition Day Three

Despite the previous night’s activities which got me so drained (see Day 2), that I wanted to sleep longer that morning, I was so pumped up knowing what’s in store for all of us on our Day 3. Finally, I will have my first Amazing Race experience… Malaysian style! My adrenaline rush was over-the-top because I get to drive from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya, then Port Dickson to Malacca. Although, I knew the rush is not just about excitement but also because of nervousness. I was very anxious even before landing in Malaysia that my love for driving will be taken into a higher level of difficulty. Yeah, that was the first right-hand driving I have done. Whew, I was sweating already just thinking about it!

We headed first to a brief press conference before all the exploring started. I tried my best to pay attention to the reminders. This somehow helped my adrenaline rush melt down a bit, but not for so long. Before we knew it, we were already heading to each sleek Proton assigned to us. And the race began!

We were supposed to complete 3 challenges that day before we head to Port Dickson which hosted our accommodation that night.
Our official car sponsor is PROTON 
I found it a little bit hard to simply take the driver’s seat. I think I got confused between my left and right sides a few times. I hoped to get used to it the second I got into our Proton. I was not surprised it was even harder to focus on driving when we started moving and seeing all the beautiful scenes and attractions on our way to our first task of the day. But I did my best to put my game face on! It was a race after all. Might as well enjoy it than worry, right?

Challenge #1 Photo Session at Palace of Justice 
Everywhere you look is worthy of a Kodak moment indeed. There are a lot of superb structures; I wanted to take a picture with all of them.

Putrajaya happens to be the seat of the major landmarks that mostly houses government establishments. It features public buildings and monuments that boasts abundant artistry and grand architectural designs. The open spaces consist of botanical gardens, lakes and parks. Truly, Putrajaya is loyal to its meaning -- “putra” or prince and “”jaya” or success.

Challenge #2 Photo Hunt at Dataran Putra

After our epic photoshoot, we headed to the main square, Dataran Putra (Putra Square). It is an enormous park where most festivals and parades are held. Interestingly, it is not a square in shape! It is a circular, mostly open, area enclosed by landscapes that will take your breath away. We were given enlarged images of locations in the park that we needed to search, and it was really huge that we had to run all over the grounds under the heat of the sun to complete the task on time. It was so treasure-hunt like. Gladly, we did!

Challenge #3 Explore race at Muzium Tentera Darat
Next stop was the Army Museum at Port Dickson, also known as Muzium Tentera Darat.  Less running under the heat of the sun, our mission was to answer all the trivia questions in the sheet of paper given to us with faces in camouflage. Look at that. Suiting of a military experience!

I knew it will be perplexing as soon as I had a glimpse of the walls bearing the information we were supposed to be looking for. It’s like a history book lay out in different areas of the gallery in two separate buildings! More than the writings on the walls, I found the entire exhibition fascinating and informative at the same time. There were paintings and portraits of soldiers from centuries ago. 
I will not forget the dark underground tunnel where replicas of the soldiers are displayed almost looking alive, which made it eerie. The exhibit depicted how it was back then, during the war, where soldiers hid and slept and the wounded ones got treated. I didn’t get the chance to see the other featured displays as we were running out of time and we had to complete the history pop quiz.

Generally, the race was successful and everyone enjoyed the experience and explorations in this Malaysian Amazing Race. It was by far the most physically and mentally stimulating activity we had been immersed in since we got here. I can’t wait to reach our terminus for the day. I heard The Grand Beach Resort in Port Dickson is such a haven.

Our room in the resort welcomed us with a very relaxing ambiance. What a flattering way to wrap this day up! I wanted to jump right in the shower. I was very pleased to see the welcome presents on the bed, particularly the special Malay sarong that we will all wore in the gathering that night.

The scene was very relaxing and jubilant. The positive energy from everyone was more subtle than what the fighting spirits in the earlier explorations exerted. It was just pure fun, with games that strengthened our bonds and chats that made us all closer together. More than just enjoying the sumptuous food and peaceful venue, it was the camaraderie that all the representatives of different countries have formed that made this day prosperous.

Thank you for reading and I hope I inspired you to create your own Malaysian Expedition. More interesting places to come soon as I share to you my day 4-5 and our driving experience with Proton to see Malaysia. 

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