My Malaysian Expedition Day Two

On day 2 of my Malaysian Tourism Hunt 2015 explorations (you can read day one here), we went to Sheraton Imperial Hotel for the destination seminar, Dato Haji Azizan Noordin, Deputy Director General of Tourism Malaysia (Promotion) gave us an overview of Malaysia's tourism developments, offerings, as well as its latest upcoming attractions that I will share to you on a separate post. 

We were also given a briefed about Citrawarna@Kuala Lumpur by Ms. Masdara Siregar Mohd Samsir, Senior Manager of VMY Secretariat from the Ministry of Tourism Culture Malaysia. Malaysian Airlines Berhad, Malayah Railways Limited and Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL also took the opportunity to highlight their services. 
All participants were awarded certificates of participation for attending the Malaysia Mega Familiarisation Programme. 

We were very proud to be a part of this exciting program.
They also showcased the rich culture and heritage of Malaysia through the taste of their traditions offered in booths, the sound of the beautiful music, and the sight and experience of stunning dances through a number of cultural dances. 
I had so much fun learning the techniques of batik 
Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to cloth and is made either by drawing dots and lines of the resist with a spouted tool called a canting
This is how a canting looks like
Traditional Music Performance

After our sumptuous lunch at the hotel, we depart to Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTIC) for race briefing and car assignments

We were given this tulips to use as a navigation tool to get from point through the other points.  

Each countries were split into two teams and were assigned to different vehicles sponsored by Proton

Sarah of the Fashion Eggplant (driver) and Jared Baliguat of the Running Suplado (navigator) were assigned to a Proton Suprima S in car #7. 
While Jude Balasco from Cebu Daily News (navigator) and I (driver) are assigned to a Proton Iriz in car #17. 
Proton Iriz 

On a hot sunny day, nothing beats having an ice cold popsicle to take away the heat and enjoy it with some great team (#TeamPrunei). 

If there's one event that took my breath away this year, it would have to be this festival called Citrawarna at Dataran Merdeka
Citrawarna has really captured my attention- heart and soul, eyes, thoughts and feelings.  
Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur 
Citrawarna is an annually event with spectacular night of lights & sound, dance and culture with over 600 performers and firework display that celebrates Malaysia Truly Asia! 

It was launched by the Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia Dato' Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz, w
e were taken on magical journey and was mesmerised by the spectacular display of stunning visuals, music, dance, and special effects that showcase Malaysia's culturenature and future

I really love this place!!! There are so many things to see and do. 
Fascinated with the colourful lit up trishaws
 It feels like a fairytale come to life
MyFEST Chillax Zone
It is an area with bean bags, coffee lounges and there was fun activities such as graffiti, skateboard, busker performances and food truck feast, you can literally relax in this area. 
There are too many dishes to name here but you will really find something good and tempt your tastebuds.  
Since we were still full from our dinner in the hotel, we decided to just order a Coconut Shake. It gave me energy all night, plus it was absolutely delicious! 
Festivals are a great place to meet new people and finding fun things to do. We just had so much fun and enjoyed the show that I hope we can repeat it next year. 
It was an experience that captures everyone's imagination
 I've seen the best fashion show here so far!
I almost can't believe my eyes! I love every piece of work. You could tell they spent a lot of money on making this possible, can't believe that this event is completely FREE for everyone.
On a scale of 1-10, I'd give this show a 100 :-) It was perfect! 
The night ended with a beautiful fireworks display. 
Visiting Malaysia to go to the Citrawarna Festival is something you should consider putting on the top of your must-see list in 2016. It will happen between mid-May to mid-June. Keep updated with the exact schedule at  

Thank you for reading and I hope I inspired you to create your own Malaysian Expedition. More interesting places to come soon as I share to you my day 3-5 and our driving experience with Proton to see Malaysia. 

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  1. Malaysia, like the Philippines, is very rich in culture and traditions. It is such a beautiful country that is worth visiting. I really appreciate this post of yours, Ms.Rochelle. I have read it from beginning to end thoroughly and have watched the video too. I saw a glimpse of the Citrawarna Festival and the fashion show featuring Melinda Looi creations, wow that was really spectacular!
    As an art enthusiast, I enjoyed looking at those colorful textiles and watching how you tried the BATIK technique! :-) I think that's really exciting! :-)
    Wishing that I can witness the colourful traditions and festivities of Malaysia in the future! :-)


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