Look effortlessly polished with healthy, moisturized lips like Yassi Pressman!

Lip Pure Brand Ambassador Yassi Pressman is one of those rare gems that you can't help but admire every time you see her. With her beautiful lips she perfectly embodies what Lip Pure will benefit you for using. 

Mentholathum Lip Pure, a new and all-natural beauty product by International OTC & Health Care Products Manufacturer. It contains the world's finest 100% natural ingredients for healthy, moisturized lips. 

The benefits of Lip Pure on the lips
Formulated with royal jelly and manuka honey to give your lips the best natural care and keep the lips moisturized even during the harshest of weather conditions. 
Infused with anti-oxidants like Vitamin E and grape seed oil to keep lips youthful looking.
 Has gentle beeswax formulation to nourish and soothe lips.
 100% food grade ingredients that is suitable for sensitive and delicate lips.
 Colorants free and Preservatives free to suit lips better. 
 It has combination of natural ingredients like almond oil, aloe extract, shea butter oil, and jojoba oil for deep hydration and long-lasting moisture. 

Lip Pure is the perfect makeup kit necessity for those who want to keep themselves well-kept while still caring for their lips' health. That's why I always make sure to carry Lip Pure on my bag to stay #onfleek all the time.  

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♥ Mentholathum Therapy Lip Balm & Lip Gel

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Lip Pure is available in all Watsons Nationwide. 

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  1. This is my current lip balm, so far I'm loving it! It really gives the moisture I need for my lips. Anyways, super like your new layout!

  2. The lip balm looks so cute. Really want to try it.

  3. Since Christmas time is fast approaching, I have been looking for some good lip products for me and for my gal pals to give this holiday. Thus, I'm so thankful that I read your blog post about the Lip Pure and Lip Ice products. I think this is one good brand that I need to try...so natural and perfect for me and all the lip lovers out there! Very suitable for the cold season to avoid those dry, cracked lips. They are also easy-on-the-pocket and available in major beauty stores nationwide. So for those who love pampering their lips, these products are the ones you're looking for...:-)

  4. I havent try this lip care.Will check out at watsons.


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