Reimagine your Christmas with Biscoff Cookie Minibon

Share the joy of Christmas with the sweetest gift for your holiday indulgence. Cinnabon, the world’s famous cinnamon roll, together with Lotus Biscoff, the original caramelized biscuit, is offering a fascinating treat that’s going to fire up this season!

Biscoff Cookie Minibon is a yummy cinnamon roll fused together with Lotus Biscoff spread and biscuits that is baked freshly and perfectly that no one would ever resist to taste. Biscoff Cookie Minibon is a combination of the signature Cinnabon dough filled with the best, creamy, irresistible Biscoff spread inside, and topped with a unique biscoff frosting, caramel and Biscoff Cookie pieces.

Give the gift of Biscoff Cookie Minibon CinnaPack, available in sets of 4 and 9 as the sweetest gift treat to brighten someone else’s day.

Biscoff Cookie Minibon is available in all Cinnabon Philippines Stores Nationwide this Christmas Season.

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  1. Better late than never! Sorry for the late comment,Ms.Rochelle, but my slow connection when I was out gave me a hard time reading my favorite blogs. :-( It has been a few days since I emptied my Biscoff Jar, but I am planning to buy another one because I am really missing the taste of LOTUS Biscoff! Now that I have read your post about the Lotus Cookie Minibon, who would say NO to that! :-) A perfect combination MINIBON + LATTE from Cinnabon! Thanks for posting this and hoping I can have a taste of this sweet Christmas Treat! :-)


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