Why you should switch to the NEW Colgate Slim Soft Gold Charcoal Toothbrush?

What do you normally do when you wake up and before you go to sleep? I know all of us would say “pray and thank God”. Some will say, “text or call my special someone” or “kiss my husband and kids”. “Personal hygiene” will never grow old as an answer, too.

Personal hygiene is vital in our daily living. We take a bath at least twice a day to keep ourselves fresh and confident when we go out. This is very common being in a tropical country, the humidity, especially during summer, will make everyone crave for a cold shower or, if possible, a plunge in the pool or beach. In other countries, typically the cold ones, they don’t take a bath as often as we, Filipinos, do. Just like having rice in our meals, taking a bath is big in our routine. Agree? 
Taking care of our body doesn’t only mean eating healthy food; individual cleanliness is a constant part of it and we can start by having a healthy mouth.  Brushing our teeth regularly is one of the ways we can keep our body clean and well-rounded. And we want a great product to be our partner in accomplishing this goal. 
“Brush, brush, brush, three times a day! Brush, brush, brush to keep cavities away…” Who remembers this song from one of Colgate’s TVC? Maybe some of us even used this song to train their kids on how to properly brush their teeth. For years, Colgate supplies have been included in our grocery list, and personal hygiene kit at home, school and work.  It is the most trusted and reliable brand when it comes to toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and other products. It stands out in terms of continuously developing new products to suit our fast-changing and ever-adapting way of life. 
While Colgate toothpaste keeps our mouth protected from bacteria, Colgate believes that protecting our toothbrush from bacteria is similarly imperative. It is not enough that we store our toothbrush in a spotless and harmless room. This is the key purpose why Colgate brings us the first ever Colgate Slim Soft Gold Charcoal toothbrush. Wow, I know that’s a mouthful! 

Here are the reasons why you should switch to this advanced and remarkable toothbrush.

We normally keep our toothbrush in the bathroom, most of the times with a cap or in a sanitized storage cabinet. But we must realize that germs are everywhere! Even if we rinse our toothbrush thoroughly, there are still bacteria that will never leave. Surprisingly, regular brushes hide millions of bacteria. I couldn’t even imagine putting that into my mouth, more so to clean it. That’s so disgusting! With its anti-bacterial bristles, you can be sure your toothbrush is protected from bacteria growth. Yes! Gold-colored bristles inhibit growth of bacteria on the brush’s bristles. So we get to brush our teeth with a hygienic toothbrush. Puts your mind at ease, right?
Maybe you’re asking now, “What does the charcoal have to do with it?” Very simple, the charcoal-infused spiral bristles help remove the stains from the teeth’s surface. This will make you want to show your pearly whites even more! Be confident to smile wider.

· Oral care is not just about brushing the teeth, it means making sure our gums are in the pink as well. That is why this new innovation from Colgate features soft and slim bristles. We get a deep clean in-between teeth but stays gentle on the gums. And we’d want the ridges and margins between our teeth really cleaned, right? A filthy mouth may cause bad-breath and other oral health concerns, which are a nightmare. We don’t want that, do we? So here goes some help from our good friend Colgate.

You might think that having all of these benefits in one product is expensive. You have to check it out now. It is reasonably priced; you don’t even have to think twice. You no longer need those costly electric toothbrush-sterilizing devices. Very economic indeed!

We want to be able to make a flawless first impression and a lasting one through our self-esteem in all our endeavors. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is significant in our day to day social interaction, and needs not to be a lavish investment. 
We can get affordable oral health care with Colgate Slim Soft Gold Charcoal toothbrush to start with. 
What are you waiting for? Get your Colgate Slim Soft Gold Charcoal and be ready to show your brightest smile!

Tell bacteria to #BacOff from your bristles! For a deep and gentle clean, try the NEW Colgate Slim Soft Gold Charcoal Toothbrush! Click here to learn more.

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  1. I had my plaques removed the "old-fashioned" way and ended having a tooth chipped. I wish I knew how to find such services near me.


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