#LoveSnR Great Summer Deals!

Here comes summer. Let’s beat the heat! Do you already have everything you need for your most awaited summer escapade? This is the perfect time for you to complete your vacation checklists.

I have been wondering where to shop for everything we have been planning this time of the year. My kids are even more ardent than me, so I also have to check out some places where I can get affordable stuff for them.  I happened to drop by S&R before going to Japan, and I’ve seen a lot of great marked down items to choose from. There are various activities that we can line up this season, and S&R Membership Shopping has something for your camping, swimming, biking, picnics, and the like.

Look stylish and feel cool, indoor and outdoor, with these comfortable tank tops for ladies, and camiseta tees for men.
If you’re planning to take your family or friends out to a beach or forest for some nature trip, you should bring with you a cool box for your food and drink storage.
Some of us would love to go for new adventures and extreme activities like surfing, and S&R offers discounted boards to gear you up.
Of course, you’ll need towels if you are out in the beach enjoying the water and the sun.

There are a bunch of memorable summer activities we can do with our kids like picnics in the park, biking, skateboarding or swimming. S&R also has some great deals for them.
If your schedule won’t let you squeeze in swimming just yet, you want your kids to get the most out of their free time from school by taking a dip whenever they want… even at home. So this is a must-have for a parent like you. There are a number of designs for your son or daughter. These inflatables come in different sizes with add-ons and tools to complete a home-based swimming experience.

I always love going to S&R for my shopping needs because it basically has everything and often it offers special discounts. So, what are you waiting for? See for yourself. Go to the nearest S&R to check these items out.

S&R members, go grab your must-have now and take advantage of these club-priced specials. Non-members, register now to get these great deals, too. All of us will definitely #LoveSnR this summer!

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