“Make it Happen” The new banner of Maybelline New York is about empowered women who will never stop reaching for the best in every aspect of their lives. I felt so lucky and honored to be part of the launch of this campaign because I always want to make sure that I am confident and determined to achieve my goals. Maybelline New York aims to equip modern women like me to succeed by enhancing the beauty we already possess. The brand is committed to supporting every mom, wife, career woman- basically, all of us- in pursuing infinite opportunities to improve and be the best of ourselves. Already excited to check out the products that will help us make this happen?

Some of the lucky guests was given the chance to interview the newest Maybelline Brand Ambassador, none other than the successful and gorgeous Georgina Wilson. She talked about how she confidently faced challenges and became more persevering in every step of her way to the top. She’s now effectively playing different roles in the international scene as a model, entrepreneur, and host. Indeed, a perfect representation of a Maybelline woman!
To highlight this campaign and inspire women even more, Whitespace Manila was converted to a mini New York City. I was instantly transported! There were 3 different sections to celebrate beauty, and there were Maybelline experts in each section to explain and teach us on how to effectively choose shades and apply them.
First-stop: The White Super Fresh Section
True to its words, we can stay super fresh and, at the same time, avoid breakouts with the help of White Super Fresh Powder Foundation and White Super Fresh Liquid Powder. How?
The White Super Fresh Powder Foundation allows you to not worry about retouching because it can last as long as 12 hours. Developed with Clean Touch Technology, we can still be confident even if this summer season seems to be very challenging because it guarantees your foundation not to be cakey and wet even with sweat and oil. 

There was even a demo to show how well White Super Fresh Powder Foundation can absorb water. Compared to other powder foundation, Maybelline was definitely commendable!

White Super Fresh Liquid Powder is also an amazing innovation of Maybelline. It was uniquely developed so that you can easily spread the liquid form and it dries into a flawless matte finish, thus, the name “Liquid Powder”. In addition to that, it also has an SPF 50++++ that will protect you from the sun’s harmful heat. So if you’re planning to go to a beach party, you can stay self-confidently fresh and secured. Definitely a must have!

Second Stop: The HyperCurl Volum’ Express Mascara and HyperMatte Dip Liquid Liner Section
Aside from keeping a fresh façade, we also want to be able to highlight our best features to level-up our poise and coolness. Most of us would probably answer “eyes” if I ask which part of your body you love the most. Then, you might want to use Maybelline’s water-proof HyperCurl Volum’ Express MascaraYou don’t have to put up with falsies anymore because HyperCurl will instantly give your lashes volume, making your eyes more expressive. You might want to add more drama by using the new 24-hour long-lasting ultra-black 

HyperMatte Liquid Liner. It is also perfectly designed to have a matte-finish in just a few seconds. You’ll achieve that perfect stroke without having to worry about smears and smudges.

Third Stop: The Creamy Mattes

I love lippies and I constantly try some new shades. However, it gets so difficult to find a perfect lipstick that will still give me moisture and matte-finish at the same time. Sounds contradicting but I’m so glad that Maybelline has Creamy Mattes
You can choose from 10 ultra-pigmented and mega-matte shades. I like Vibrant Violet the most! 
Color Sensational will definitely make you want to get all shades available because they’re simply great! Created with nourishing honey nectar ingredient, Creamy Mattes will give your lips exciting hues, long-lasting coverage and luscious care.
Again, the power to make things happen is within each of us. With the help of these Maybelline beauty products, you can discover what you are capable of, be confident to reach your goals and make your dreams come true. Because as millennial women, Maybelline believes we can do anything.

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