Women Entrepreneurs: Building Stronger Community

This was the banner carried by the Australian Embassy and SM Cares during the trade fair at SM Aura Premier last March 7-10, 2016. Another way of honoring the successful, hardworking, and capable women of today in line with the International Women’s Day and the National Women’s Month, this event aimed to showcase the entrepreneur side of the female population with the help of different organizations featuring local products here in the Philippines.

I was so enthusiastic to see what was in store for all of us because I am an entrepreneur myself. I guess, nowadays, it just became a second nature to us to engage ourselves in different activities that will help us personally, socially, and financially. We get to use our creative minds and various talents to show the world our strength as women in the business world where we play a very important role.

In the effort of highlighting the women-led commerce, the Australian Aid Program - the Direct Aid Program, the Philippine Australia Community Assistance Program and Australian Volunteers for International Development – made this exhibit possible. 
Here is the list of the foundations and organizations that participated:
  • Antique Development Foundation 
  • Caritas Manila 
  • Gifts and Graces Fair Trade Foundation Incorporated 
  • Green Earth Heritage Foundation Philippines 
  • Handicraft of Aklan Multi-Purpose Cooperative 
  • Katungod han Samarena Foundation Incorporated 
  • Lake Sebu Indigenous Women Weavers Association Incorporated 
  • Philippine Christian Foundation 
  • Philippine Foundation for Resources Management 
  • Simbag sa Pag-Asenso Incorporated
  • Southern Partners and Fair Trade Center Incorporated

It was great to see locally made products using indigenous materials that are definitely world-class. You should check out these foundations some time. They give Filipinas a unique sense of pride.

I was there with my friend, Jenny and we really enjoyed all of the booths that displayed various products such as bags, wallets, delicacies, dress, accessories, etc. We couldn’t stop our eyes from looking around. I admire the women behind all the hard work.

Amazing Handicrafts!

I love the accessories and their tribal theme.

Delicacies and other products are definitely export worthy.

We, as women, are indeed empowered and have achieved a lot in various aspects. Equipped with the skills, creativity and determination, we can be renowned as world-class Filipinas in our respective ways.

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