Tips to Fireproof Your Home

Fire incidents are considered as common as the perennial hot summer season in the Philippines. Every year, fire cases all around the country destroy resources and displace families. March once again marks the observance of Fire Prevention Month to alleviate this country-wide problem.
In 2015, The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) recorded a total of 1,727 fire incidents in March alone. March is considered the hottest month of the year, with the elevated temperature attributed for some of the incidents that occur during its period. 
Homes are very prone to fires and the kitchen, specifically, is among the areas that are very susceptible to such accidents. In January and February last year, 70 fires came from unattended cooking stoves while 162 incidents were caused by problems with electrical lines. 
With the kitchen being one of the most important areas of a household, making it a safer place should be a top priority for homemakers. Below are some tips to make your kitchen a fireproof place.
1. Keep your focus 
One of the leading reasons behind kitchen fires is neglect. Often, it is easy to get distracted and leave a dish cooking. This kind of neglect causes the most injuries, deaths, and property damage than other roots of home fires. 
2. Keep a fire extinguisher close
A fire extinguisher is necessary in any home. Keep one ready in the kitchen and store it in a place 10 feet away from the stove, in a spot where it is easy to grab. All members of the household should know how to use it in case of emergencies. Note also that all fire extinguishers should always be refilled every six to seven years to function properly. 
3. Keep from storing items on top of the stove
It is easy to be less mindful of your actions while caught in a cooking mood. Refrain from placing things on top of a stovetop since this kind of surface can easily start a flame when it gets in contact with anything flammable. Instead, keep things orderly in cabinets and cupboards. 
4. Make sure your cooking appliances are free from crumbs and scraps
Leftover pieces of food from stovetops, ovens, and toasters can catch fire so make sure to clean these cooking appliances after use. Unplug them from their sockets before cleaning and keep the cables away from water. 
5. Go fireproof
It is nearly impossible to entirely fireproof a kitchen with all the flammable materials in the area. However, while it doesn’t entirely cancel out the probability of a fire, using cooking appliances that are designed for safety can add a layer of protection to this part of the home. 
 Induction cookers, for example, lessen the risk of fire accidents. The Induction Cooker from Midea, one of world’s largest manufacturers of domestic appliances, is a good example of a household partner that values safety as much as efficiency. 
The induction cooker removes the risk for burns with its flameless technology. It also protects your home from possible gas leakages.
In addition, this kitchen essential also works faster than an average electric stove as it heats up 25% faster than the latter. It also has an energy-saving Piso Meal feature which uses up 1Php worth of electricity for every 4 minutes of cooking or heating. 
Make your kitchen safe the whole year round with these nifty tips. A little precaution and awareness can go a long way when it comes to preserving the harmony in the household. 
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