A Perfect Baguio Experience at Mines View Park Hotel

Who have been to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival? I’m so envious! Summertime has officially started and I’m pretty sure most of us are now looking for places to visit, and hotels to stay. I can definitely attest to that. The whole family, especially my kids, is now thrilled about our plans this summer. Meanwhile, I know a lot of you are so much eager to share your recent escapade in the City of Pines.

Baguio is definitely one of the to-go-to locations in our planners. The cold climate, rich culture, superb food, magnificent sceneries, unlimited side-trips, and exciting adventures – the list could go on. A day or two will be too short to get enough of the Summer Capital because it showcases several well-known attractions. Therefore, an excellent abode to stay is a must. You don’t want to be stressed during your vacation, do you? In the first place, you want to be able to relax, enjoy and delight yourself in all aspect during your entire trip. And when you are in Baguio, you want an extraordinary hotel that will give you the feel of Baguio and everything you went there for. 
Mines View Park Hotel will absolutely give it to you.
Strategically located near the renowned charms of the city such as Wright Park, The Mansion, Good Shepherd, you can conveniently fulfill your day’s itinerary without having to spend more time travelling than adoring the view. No, you don’t have to worry riding a cab or your own car. These landmarks are just minutes away on foot.  
From its name, you already know it is very close to the Mines View Park, an overlook park that will give you a glorious picture of the valleys where the Itogon community mines. 
Surely, you will be pleased to see souvenir items, native delicacies like ube jam and strawberry preserves, and other products for pasalubong.
Wait, go back a bit. Strawberries… Oh my, I love strawberries so much! I miss Baguio already just writing about it. Wait until you get a taste of the exquisite cuisines offered by Mines View Park Hotel. I crave for them!
Strawberry Taho
Fresh Strawberry Juice at Mines View Park Hotel 

Welcome drinks
From check-in to room services, from remarkable food selections to incredible view of the Cordillera Mountains, Mines View Park Hotel boasts a blend of the modern amenities and culture-rich home. 
The Hotel Patio near the entrance gives you a glimpse of a satisfying staycation. It highly speaks of Baguio for its ingenuity, creativity, and warm customs despite the cold weather. Everyone will definitely have a great time, whether you are alone or with the whole family, barkada, workmates or your special someone. 

There are various room types to choose from and all of them includes complimentary breakfast, and have flat screen cable TV, hot and cold shower, linens, towels and toiletries. Your bed and breakfast will be astonishing because of the painting-worthy scenery when you look out the windows. The hotel is also equipped with a spa, fitness center, function halls and KTV as other means of relaxation aside from sight-seeing and sleeping. 
So if you’re thinking of celebrating special occasions like debut, weddings, and team buildings, make your reservations now at Mines View Park Hotel.
I am not kidding when I say that Mines View Park Hotel is not just a place to crash after a long day of exploring the beauty that Baguio has to offer. There's more to it than just being a hospitality business. It aims to make your memories more fond and your entire experience a remarkable one. Mines View Park Hotel features authentic dance performances from the Igorots.  

At night, like a scene in the movie, a bonfire is set and tents are available outside for the guests to use. You can either stargaze, watch movies or relax and absorb the wonderful surrounding. That is value-added! 

Just like a cherry on top of your ice cream, the food selections they offer will definitely make your stay complete and astounding. This is my favorite part ☺

Free Breakfast of your choice 

Baguio is known for fresh vegetables and fruits, and Mines View Park Hotel is proud to promote this even more by coming up with special gastronomies. I was surprised how usual recipes are served with a twist.
Crispy Fried Tilapia 
Zenz Bar and Restaurant support the lodge in providing the guests an unforgettable dining experience.

I’m certain most, if not all, of us have already tried different versions of adobo, but Strawberry Adobo is definitely the best and most unique for me. At home, we normally use sugar and vinegar to balance the saltiness of soy sauce in our adobo. The perfect blend of sweetness and sourness in strawberries makes this tatak Pinoy recipe to die for. A must try!
Strawberry Sinigang is equally exceptional! The secret to the optimum sinigang is the perfect sourness of sampaloc. I never thought strawberries can be incorporated to make its taste even more enticing to the palate. Another must try!
Strawberry with Milk Shake at Mines View Park Hotel 

My love for strawberries started in desserts, freshly picked (from the market or grocery) or in smoothie. 
But this bibingka with a twist is a first for me too! Called bibing-crepe, it is the traditional rice cake you can either have soft or crispy with vanilla ice cream on the side and your choice from marshmallows, choco sprinkles, cheese, peanut butter or langka spread (the best). Undeniably, a must try too!
So if you’re planning to visit Baguio City for a post-Panagbenga treat or a pre-Summer escapade, Mines View Park Hotel is indeed the perfect place to stay.
Mines View Park Hotel
1 Apostol Street cor. Apostol Drive, Mines View Park, Baguio City
Email: minesviewparkhotel@yahoo.com
Contact No.: (6374) 424-1088, (6374) 442-1559

Facebook Page: 

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  1. Memorable talaga ang trip natin sa Mines View Park Hotel. Can't wait to go back :)

    1. Yes sana maulit muli :-) See you again roomie Sam!

  2. wow thanks for sharing this, matagal ko ng dream pumunta ng baguio with my family! -Len


  3. I've always wanted to go to Baguio but just thinking of the long ride and the roads makes me scared and want to vomit. But i promise myself i'll go there before i become a Senior Citizen, haha! The strawberry taho, strawberry adobo and the desserts are calling me! They seem to be sooo yummy.

  4. It's been years since I last stepped into the cool environment of Baguio. I would love to visit again someday... maybe when this little boy inside my womb is old enough to enjoy travelling.


  5. Hi Rochelle ,

    My name is Kim of Jacaranda Travels I saw your blog while looking top travel bloggers.

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    Anyway, I was hoping if you are interested for an interview that we will post on our business travel blog at www.jacarandatravels.com
    Thank you, hoping for your positive reply.

    Kimberly-Tourist spots in the Philippines
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  6. Grabi! 😍 dpa ko nakakapuntang Bagio City simula ng lumabas ako sa mundong to! Hahaha Tagaytay City pa lang πŸ˜‚ it means dpa ko tao haha. Gosh parang ang sarap nung Strawberry Taho ( Taho lover here) tsaka nung Adobo 😍😍😍


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