Why do #BeautiesLoveBelo?


There are too many skincare choices out there. But what exactly am I looking for? I simply want the expert. Since I have sensitive skin, I trust only Belo to take care of me. Belo Essentials are paraben-free, so it is safe, hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested.

Being a businesswoman, mother of three boys, a blogger, and now an aspiring vlogger, I must admit that I have a pretty busy lifestyle. I’ve been juggling many roles, and my schedule is always tight. There is always something to do even at the latest hour. In addition to that, pollution and traffic are always there to ruin my day.
But like I always say being a mom or being busy is never an excuse to always look beautiful. What others don’t know is that it isn't exactly that hard to maintain a polished look despite all the stress and problems in the world. With the right weapon, I can combat any skin problems like breakouts and dark spots.

A lot of beauties love Belo, just like I do! Delivering only the best skin care, looking fresh and beautiful even on the go is easy, fast and effective because Belo Essentials are created in highest standards and utmost care.
With Belo Essentials day cover whitening vitamin cream with SPF 15 and Belo Essentials night therapy whitening vitamin cream with rich fruit extracts, I can effortlessly achieve the perfect white skin. I love how it purifies, rejuvenates and nourishes my skin. It became so smooth and soft, brighter and healthier. 
Whenever I use it, it goes perfectly with Belo Essentials Skin Hydrating Whitening Face Wash and Belo Essentials Skin Hydrating Whitening Toner, which comes in two variants - one for dry skin and the other one for oily skin. It deeply cleanses the skin, making it flawless and whiter.

I have been using Belo products for some time now, and it has never let me down. With Belo Beauty, I have won over the obstacles to staying fresh for a very long time. Belo guarantees confidence and makes you feel beautiful without even trying.

So, if you’re still unsure of what your skin needs, visit Belo Essentials pages to learn more.

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  1. I have a sensitive skin also, kaya nahihirapan ako mamili ng beauty products na gagamitin ko, I will try belo next month hehe, ubusin ko lang tong gamit ko.. Gusto ko kasing flawless mo ms. Rochelle

  2. Wow! New set of beauty products!! I always love Belo lalo na yung sunscreen and lotion products nila!! From face to body!!! Until now di pa ubos yung supplies ko ng Belo from my previous freebies. :))))

  3. Basta mabasa ko yung paraben-free, gusto ko na agad itry. Haha. Nababasa ko lagi sa blogs na safe and wala gaanong halong chemicals ang mga paraben-free products. Thumbs up to Belo team. 👌👏🙌

  4. I have tried their soap and (it has a pink beads) and I feel that it gently exfoliates and moisturizes my skin. Haven'tt tried their Face Cream and Lotion. I think it would be better if I use together withe all their products. Now, I know why #BeautiesLoveBelo and now I'm getting inlove with it too. #RochelleRiveraBLOG

  5. The reason why #BeautiesLoveBelo. Thank you for your honest review about this product. :)

    Belo paraben free

  6. cream for skin. with NAC Cream.


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