Representing Your Business Brand with Clothing

Chances are you have a team of hardworking dedicated marketers working constantly to build your brand. Did you know that the clothing that your employees wear can be used as part of this strategy? If you implement your logo or colors into the modest maxi dresses or shirts that your staff uses, you can easily find a new way to market your brand even further. Finding the right clothing or dress stores in Utah is important when trying to get the right clothing. 

For example, each interaction that your staff has with your customers, as well as the general public, is an additional opportunity for your brand to gain new exposure. You can compare this method to your own specialty mobile advertising. 

Using a color branded uniform can have a positive effect for your business in three main ways:

  • Customers: Your customers will be able to easily identify staff members, which will help to build a sense of trust;
  • Company: Your company will benefit from a professional looking team, as well as increased brand recognition;
  • Staff: Your staff will have a greater sense of equality and camaraderie when you implement the use of uniforms or other workwear.

Remember when you have a loyal staff you will see an increase in productivity, which will result in increased revenue.

Why Choose a Uniform?

There are certain organizations that you would expect to see the employees wearing a uniform. This helps them to stand out from customers, as well as the general public. The uniform also helps them to be recognizable and easily identified. The organizations you would expect to see in uniform include fire service, police, armed forces, hospital personnel and emergency services. The color of the uniform they wear is typically one of the first things that you notice and what stands out and identifies them as a certain person.

Associating a certain color to your business can increase the brands overall recognition by up to 80 percent. When a certain color is associated with your brand, your customers and clients will know what to look for, and associate the color with you, your business and your service or product when they see it.

Using a variety of colors in the workplace can also be used to differentiate roles and ranks within the same organization. For example, in a hospital nurses will wear different colors than orderlies and surgeons to make them noticeable and recognizable. 

If your potential and existing customers are not conditioned to associate a certain color with your brand or business, you could be missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

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  1. Maganda talaga na may trade mark ang uniform para madali ma-identify ng mga customer. Marketing strategy na din yun.

  2. I just wish I could share this to my employer (haist) :( Been working for almost 15 years... Napaka-loya (hihi) since graduation, dito na ako nag-work... Pero di ko man lang naranasan magka-office uniform... kakainggit :(


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