Julie’s Malaysia Factory Visit + Giveaway!

I didn’t know what to expect in my second time to visit Malaysia. Although we went through some briefing and was given the itinerary beforehand, I’m still very anxious as my first trip to this beautiful country was definitely a memorable one. It was full of fun adventures, and a one-of-a-kind experience enough to make me want to go back. I love all the awesome places, the very welcoming people, and most especially, the exquisite food. Yes, the food are to hanker for! (See blogposts here)

Nuffnang and Julie’s invitation for me to experience Malaysia again was the second chance I have been waiting for. I didn’t have to think twice, August 25 was the day. So you might be wondering, “What was this trip all about?”

Our mission was to invade Julie’s Factory, and get to know how biscuits are “baked with love”. That’s right, we traveled across countries to witness the production of biscuits. But, you must know this was not like an ordinary field trip to the biscuit factory.
Mr. Martin Ang, Director of Perfect Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

 They may have the same name, but Julie’s Bakeshop is a completely separate entity from Julie’s Biscuits. Julie’s brand is big in Malaysia, and it has been here in the Philippines for 5 years now, in case you haven’t noticed yet. 
  • Julie’s started operation in Malaysia & market since 1981. 
  • Julie’s has become a household name & largest biscuit exporter in Malaysia 
  • Julie’s Core values, Passion, Integrity, Conscience & Accountability.
  • Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility with its actions & projects, from their Share with Love till the recent The Best of You movement. 
Every product, like crackers, cream sandwiches, wafer rolls, waffles, wafer and cookies, is created in perfection. Every piece is made whole-heartedly and with care. Baked with love.
For 35 strong years, Perfect Food has been Malaysia’s forerunner in manufacturing Julie’s biscuits. 
The secret? “Whatever we do not eat, we do not let others eat” has been their long-standing philosophy. The brand’s commitment in conducting business has been anchored to the company’s core values – Passion, Integrity, Conscience and Accountability. These values paved the way to the brand’s success and competitiveness in the global market, being exported in 75 countries.
 Its pride comes from unwaveringly using premium ingredients, which are free from preservatives and harmful artificial additives like food coloring, by means of modern baking technology. It has gone through rigorous evaluations by international auditors, and received certifications based on international food safety standards. Absolutely world class! No wonder Julie’s biscuits have occupied a space in the exclusive premium biscuits sector. Consumers are guaranteed exceptional quality and value-for-money for purchasing their products.
Julie’s factory is located in Melaka, one of my favorite whereabouts there. The red structures brought a lot of amazing memories. I love Melaka!
Julie’s staff, including their adorable mascot, were very friendly, and they welcomed us with a dance performance. I was thrilled and so looking forward to our special tour slash “field trip” to the Julie’s production zone. 
Before entering the main area, we were asked to put on our Personal Protective Equipment, in compliance to their strict cleanliness policy. 
I have never seen such overflowing biscuits in my life before! Witnessing each delicate process flow made us all trust and vouch for safe, healthy and delicious biscuits
After our little stint in the factory, we went to a dessert class to learn some sweets made from different Julie’s products. 
I couldn’t wait to try the Julie’s Fruity Layer Cake at home. All our creations were very appetizing and pretty. I’m sure you can creatively incorporate Julie’s in making your own desserts with ease. They’re very versatile.
Julie’s Fruity Layer Cake
Here’s the yummy recipe of what we made:

Ingredients to make the cream paste
Julie’s Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Cookies -100g
Cream Cheese- 100g
Condensed Milk- 100g

Julie’s Butter Crackers- 200g 
Fresh Milk/ Skim Milk-50ml
Any type of fresh fruits
How to make the cream paste?
  1. Crush 30g Julie’s Hershey’s Dark Choco Cookies until fine. 
  2. Blend 70g Julie’s Hershey’s Dark Choco Cookies and all other cream ingredients evenly
Steps to make the cake: 
  1. Prepare the model box
  2. Soak every piece of Julie’s Butter Crackers with fresh milk. 
  3. Spread a layer of the mixed cream paste on cracker 
  4. Sprinkle crushed Julie’s Hershey’s Dark Choco Cookies on top. 
  5. Fill up the model box by repeating steps (2) to (5). 
  6. Decorate top of the cake with fruits, or as desired. 
  7. Allow to set in fridge before serving (1 to 2 hours minimum). 
My kids like having different Julie’s products for “baon” or snacks, I’m certain they will crave for the desserts, too. I can’t deny I fell in love with Julie’s Le-Mond in Lemon flavor the instant I tasted it. Love Letters and all the Julie’s Hershey’s variety are the best, too!
The past couple of days were very productive and fruitful. We were enjoying everyone’s company and all the activities our host prepared for us. I didn’t even realize we’re down to our last day in Malaysia. It was quite a food trip!
Pressroom Bistro made sure our lunch was indulging and unforgettable. We had a unique 3-course meal exclusively concocted by Pressroom Bistro for the gathering, including two special desserts featuring Julie’s cookies.
Starter: Waldorf salad with green apple, celery, tuna & crushed walnuts served with light blue cheese dressing
Josper Grilled Beef strip-loin served with roasted vegetable skewer and black pepper sauce
Josper Roasted Spring Chicken with mashed potatoes and creamy mushroom sauce

Desserts: My Favorite!
Julie’s Strawberry Cheese Cake
Made with Julie’s Oat 25 Strawberry Cookies
Julie’s Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Ice Cream with cookie crumbs and nuts
Made with Julie’s Hershey’s Chocolate Chips Hazelnut Cookies 
This experience was great! To Julie’s Biscuits, Mr. Martin, Ms. Mint Chin, Mr. Nino and Nuffnang Philippines, I can’t thank you enough for inviting me and for the take home package.
#ShareTheLove to my readers 
Three (3) lucky winners will get a chance to win Julie’s gift packs by following the easy giveaway mechanics below: (Rafflecopter giveaway)

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to all Philippine residents who can claim the gift packs during office hours in BGC. I will email winners for the prize claim details. 

Giveaway ends on November 7, 2016

Good Luck! 

Julie’s products are available in all leading supermarkets nationwide in the Philippines. 

For more information about Julie’s Biscuits, please visit

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  37. Wow awesome product it is! Can't wait to try them!
    Fb name: Fe Cjas
    IG: @fe_cjas
    Twitter: @fe_0424

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